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Rachit Dayal – On The Lighter Side …

Unlike most working professionals, I was a little slow in discovering the secret to success – a healthy balance between health, wealth and love. And since discovering there’s more to life than work, I’ve been overcompensating by spending my time in these other activities:

  • Books & Products – As a budding author, I’ve penned two books and created several products. These books and products are in topics as far as weight loss, digestive health and adwords optimization. I enjoys writing & speaking on topics involving Health (Natural Healing, Trance & Hypnosis), Happiness (Managing today’s busy life & stress) and Online Communications/Marketing (Website Communications, Lead Conversions & PPC Advertising).
  • Toastmasters & Public Speaking – As the Past President of Raintree Toastmasters Club and a pretty prolific speaker, trainer, evaluator and mentor in the voluntary Toastmasters community, I get the chance to lead people into confident public speaking and better communication skills. I’m currently also serving as the Division U Secretary and Asst. Gov. for Education and Training – Helping over 400 members meet their education and growth goals through Toastmasters events.
  • Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis – As a Certified Hypnotherapist (National Guild of Hypnosis, USA) and Master Hypnotist, hypnosis is much more than just a hobby for me. I take on individual clients who want to get over the problems that have held them back for years and move on to higher levels of achivement. My training in hypnosis and hypnotherapy also gives me a unique perspective on how marketing works with the subconscious mind.
  • NLP Life & Skills Coach – As a life coach, I volunteer to guides people who are looking for higher levels of awareness and personal success in their careers, marriages, health, communication skills & charisma. I coach at Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group (Singapore), The Pathlight Centre (Singapore) and at events run by my business (Rachit Dayal Communications).

Education & Initial Years

I was born and grew up in India – completed my school education in Bangalore, the IT capital of India. I come from a large family of IT specialists & teachers who’ve always nurtured a fun & loving environment for me at home.

When I first started my University education at the National University of Singapore, my chosen area of focus was Computer Science. Pretty soon though, I realized that my real love was in Entrepreneurship & Marketing.

In pursuit of these passions, I took a 1-year hiatus from studies to work in the United States and study at the University of Pennsylvania. I was fortunate to be selected into the prestigious NUS Overseas Colleges Program in Philadelphia, USA.

It was while working in Philadelphia in a technology startup when a strange set of circumstances got me promoted from an intern in the company to the highest honor they could give to affordable foreign labor – the Cheap Marketing Officer. And that’s when I realized the truth about my purpose – I was terrible at programming :)

On the bright side, I also realized that online marketing was a new and exciting field that I really enjoyed. So, I returned to Singapore a year later, with a twinkle in my eye and a dreams of a bright future on marketing consulting. Of course, the dreams made me more high-headed and distracted me from studying well the remainder of my education there.

And so, after much huffing and puffing, I graduated from the National University of Singapore in 2005, with a major in Computer Science (Hons) and a minor in Entrepreneurship.

Since then, I’ve taken a keen focus in understanding how the minds of online consumers work. In pursuit of that answer, I’ve spent hundreds of hours practicing mind sciences such as NLP, modelling, hypnosis and life coaching.

The Difference – Master Practitioner of NLP

I’m a Master Practitioner of NLP (neuro linguistic programming) certified by Dr Richard Bandler, the co-creator of NLP. As a NLP student & practitioner for the last three years, I bring this unique competency to the field of Online communications, Web content & Internet Marketing.

Similar to psychology, NLP is a science of how the human mind works and how we communicate with other people. I think I’m one of the handful of people in the world who apply this vast science into understanding online prospects and what is expected from web content/communications.

And that results in a much deeper understanding of businesses and their customers. This way, by understanding and envisioning the customer relationship in the beginning, it saves clients from hundreds of needless experiments in the long term.

I think it is this highly technical background in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) & modelling that differentiates me from any run-of-the-mill Website Designer. This training & experience allows me to uniquely understand your customers and competitors, and out-think them both.