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Google Consultant Singapore – Rachit Dayal

My name is Rachit Dayal. And I help businesses use Google’s potential to increase their sales. This includes Search Engine Optimization, paid traffic using Google AdWords, using Google Analytics, Singapore Web Design, Google Website Optimizer and working to convert this Google traffic into sales.

I’ve been Singapore’s first Qualified Google AdWords Professional in Jan 2006 and was also Singapore’s first Qualified Google Analytics Professional. In all, I’ve helped businesses create over $5 million in additional sales & leads through web marketing and google traffic.

Apart from services in these areas, I also provide consulting and training services in the areas of Web Content, Online Communications & Internet Marketing. I help businesses attain the skills, attitudes & strategies required to get more sales from their websites. Do use the form below to contact me for a chat.

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I’m a Google Certified Advertising Professional (click here to verify) and have over four years of experience in Online Communications, Web content development, Internet marketing strategy, Website analysis/design, Pay per click marketing, Search Engine Optimization & Sales Copywriting.

I’ve managed over S$200,000 of spending in search advertising, achieved top 10 positions for several competition keywords for my clients and these clients’ have gotten over S$3 million of online product sales as a direct result of my work.

Services – What a Google Consultant in Singapore Does

I works with everyone in an organization that can play a role in Online communications & marketing. When I’m working with a client, you’ll find me conducting strategy consulting sessions with top management and skills trainings with middle management and all other staff – within a space of hours.

My goal is this – To help you get a powerful website, and to use that website to increase your revenue. And I’m happy to work in any capacity to get that done with my clients.

I provide strategy consulting & skills training in the following areas: -

  • Online communications strategy
  • Web content & customer communications vision
  • Google AdWords & Pay per click advertising
  • Search engine optimization
  • Website testing with Google Website Optimizer
  • Site & Home page design
  • Website usability analysis
  • Blog, Video & Email marketing

Clients – Who I Work With

I like to work with clients who are excited about online marketing and the difference it can make to their branding, communications & sales. My clients are usually keen to try new content strategies and committed to taking enough action to see the ROI in their marketing investment.

Most people find my Google Consultant Singapore services online and I usually work with clients who run websites in one of these categories:

  • Technology Consumer Products – Software or Hardware Sales
  • Technology Business Services – Software companies, Web hosts and anyone else who sells to businesses
  • Information Product Businesses – If you run an information blog, article website, sell a book, audio programs
  • Personal Development Services – If you sell hypnotherapy, coaching or development services or seminars

Past Projects

I’ve had the pleasure to work on several projects here are some of the fun highlights:

  • Led the marketing efforts of a USA-based startup. The company’s website I created sold over S$2 million of products in less than 2 years.
  • Re-designed the website of a popular Singapore-based high-tech startup. Doubled the website’s sales conversion rate to 4% within two months.
  • Optimized the Google AdWords campaign of a product website and improved the Click-Through-Rates 500%, doubled the conversion rate and reduced the Cost Per Acquisition by 60%.
  • Managed large pay per click campaigns of up to 4000 keywords, spread across 13 countries and generating over 500,000 ad views each night.

Of course, these are just some of the clients I’ve had. If you’d like to hear more about the 100+ projects I’ve worked on, drop me an email and we can chat about it then.

Contact Me For A Conversation

Every business is unique and no cookie-cutter program can work effectively in every business. The only way to truly understand the role of Online marketing in your organization is to give it some thought together.

I absolutely love Online marketing & websites and enjoy creating new online entities and tracking the success stories that result from my work. If you think there’s a chance we can work together, then please drop me an email at Rachit @ HappyMarketer .com and we can chat further.

If you think there is a way in which my Online Marketing services can help your organization, then contact me by email or phone.

Email: Rachit @ HappyMarketer .com

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