More Business From Your Website

Work Process – What I Do

My goal is to get your business more sales from your website. And despite what most marketing gurus would have you believe,  this is a lofty goal. Like any good marketing campaign, starting/optimizing a marketing campaign involves several steps like:

  • Strategizing the Big picture ,
  • deciding Website Llayout,
  • picking Site Aesthetics,
  • writing Sales Copy,
  • Publishing web content,
  • Search Engine Optimization,
  • Google Adwords,
  • Social media marketing like Facebook
  • … and much much more.

Clients – Who I Work With

I like to work with clients who are excited about online marketing and the difference it can make to their branding, communications & sales. My clients are usually keen to try new content strategies and committed to taking enough action to see the ROI in their marketing investment.

I usually work with clients who run websites in one of these categories:

  • Technology Consumer Products – Software or Hardware Sales
  • Technology Business Services – Software companies, Web hosts and anyone else who sells to businesses
  • Information Product Businesses – If you run an information blog, article website, sell a book, audio programs
  • Personal Development Services – If you sell hypnotherapy, coaching or development services or seminars

How I work with Teams & Individuals

Sometimes I do these things myself. Sometimes I outsource parts of them. For most small and medium sized projects, I’ll also train staff in your company to pick up these skills and continue maintainence them in-house. And to that end,I work with everyone in an organization that can play a role in Online communications & marketing.

When I’m working with a client, you’ll find me conducting strategy consulting sessions with top management and skills trainings with middle management and all other staff – within a space of hours.

My goal is this – To help you get a powerful website, and to use that website to increase your revenue. And I’m happy to work in any capacity to get that done with my clients.

Services, Consulting & Training in these Areas

I provide strategy consulting & skills training in the following areas: -

  • Online communications strategy
  • Web content & customer communications vision
  • Google AdWords & Pay per click advertising
  • Search engine optimization
  • Website testing with Google Website Optimizer
  • Site & Home page design
  • Website usability analysis
  • Blog, Video & Email marketing