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2 Great Quotes

Feb 22nd, 2007 | By | Category: News & Updates

Patterns of Excellence was about 10 days ago. If you weren’t there, it was awesome as usual! Hanging out at that place really makes me think and charge up …

Anyway, the interesting thing about motivational seminars is that they’re always changing. In this case, as Adam & Stuart keep changing in their lives, what they teach also adapts.

On a side note, I visited Adam Khoo this CNY with a whole box of oranges (seriously, I didn’t know we were supposed to take only two!). And I got my first ang pow. Thanks Adam!

This POE we ended up doing something different – Adam prescribed all the participants this really cool exercise called “The 7 Day Mental Diet”.

You know how in regular diets, you’re supposed to stay off the bad foods and remember to be motivated towards your goals?

This is kinda like that. In the Mental Diet, we were supposed to remind ourselves of the person we will become and our strengths every day. And we’re supposed to catch every negative thought and get rid of it within 60 seconds. (For those participants who were in this POE, how were your first 7 days?)

Anyway, there’s this great poem that Adam gave us (me and my group learnt it by jumping up and down and creating funny actions for every sentence … so fun!) . I like reading it every day …

I have the power to choose. What I choose in life, is what I get.

What I think, is what I get. I move in the direction of my thoughts.

If I think I can, I can. If I think I cannot, I cannot.

If I think big, I become big. If I think small, I become small.

If I think positive, I become positive. If I think negative, I become negative.

If I think hate, I become hateful. If I think love, I become lovable.

I become what I think about.

The Me I See. I Me I’ll Be.

I’ve shared this quote with most of my close friends … including her.


Powerful, isn’t it?

The me I see. The me I’ll bee. It’s a powerful thought … and these last few days, whenever I’ve felt down … I just took a look in the mirror. And I see myself rather well in the mirror – young, smart, handsome, attractive. And when I see that person … I feel good like that person.




Two days ago, I started work with a new client. It’s interesting and challenging at the same time.

The work is really cool … I doubt that any other marketer in Singapore is getting to work at a venture like this. In such an important position.

The company culture … ummm, I don’t know. The main problem is that it’s a 9-6 culture! I haven’t woken up to get to office at 9 in …. FOREVER!

Felt really strange. When I started my business I swore I’d never have to get up and get a normal lifestyle. But now, I’m working in that same lifestyle. And the money isn’t all that great (it’s a startup, I’m doing it for the experience). And so the night before I started, I felt really strange … almost incapable … just because my clients didn’t follow all my rules.

I felt like I had become the same as everyone else.

And I was bitching about it to her … And she listened to me for 5 minutes without saying a word. I was expecting a little sayanging, so I was shocked!

Anyway, we finished talking on the phone and I went off to watch TV. When I came back, I saw this SMS on my phone …

If you think you are the same as others, you are the same as others.

If you think you are different, you are different.

I have a 9 to 5 job just like my colleagues, but I never think I’m the same as them.

(And you have the same sized ego as me, right?)

I do my best to squeeze my free time for my goals. So do you.

You accept this 9-5 offer not because you are the same as the rest.

You know there was a purpose behind it and you know where this will bring you to.

My dear, if you keep the faith in yourself, do the things most people do not want to do and keep making progress on a daily basis the race of life will be yours :)

Hugs n kisses n sweet dreamz

Sigh … what can I say.


I’ll just leave with the few lines I used in my Toastmasters speech last night (Dave, Tim & Ming will recognize it).

Whenever there’s a part of you stopping you from growing and progressing … Just look for the sign … and JUST DO IT!

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  1. Is this serendipity, or what?

    I just started my own 7 days of Gratitude personal experiment too. Not really catching negative thoughts, but to stop myself from complaining, and to turn it into a form of gratitude instead!

    I’ve just posted Day 1 yesterday. Day 2 is coming up soon..

    Btw, what “she” said is in fact sayanging you, you realised that. Don’t you? :)

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