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A Long Hiatus

Mar 12th, 2007 | By | Category: Motivation, Personal Stories, This Site

Honey, I’m home!

Yep, I know I’m been away for a long long time :) … I missed you too.

The reason I’m away is that I’ve taken a new job. Well, technically I’m a consultant and it’s a consulting relationship … but the client prefers me to work 9 to 7 … so it feels totally like a job.

Urggggh. I’m doing What I Dread … Nine To Six … Err Seven … Err Eight

One of the things I have NOT done in the past 15 months after starting up is get to office at 9, so these past 3 weeks have been a real first for me. I got used to it in no time, I can make it to office on most days, but nobody said I have to like it.

Part of me actually feels like a sell-out for working 9 to 5 (And the other part of my brain screams back – “It’s a consulting relationship. Look at the damn contract!”)

Anyway, the work is good … real cutting edge. I don’t think anyone else in Singapore is getting to launch a web 2.0 company, so it’s quite worth the “normal” hours.

Working normal hours is really weird man! The week seems to disappear so fast. Just last weekend, my dad was here for a few hours … On Sunday night I dropped him off at the airport. On Monday, I went back to work. Before I knew it, it was weekend again!

(oh oh, my client just walked in. shhhhh. be very quiet)

OK. It’s 7 hours later. I’m now on the bus, on my way back home. So, where was I … hmm … yeah, being busy with a 9-7 responsibility.

But My Real Goal Is Passive Income …

At the same time, I’ve been wanting to keep my passive income growing. I make a few hundred bucks (sometimes between $1k & 2k) from my websites (not my blogs, I sell other products to the US market).

And I’ve been wanting to boost it up so that it covers most of my costs (remember Robert Kiyosaki’s lesson? First, get enough passive income to cover expenses … that is called getting out of the rat race. Then, and only then can you comfortably start going for the big deals).

Seems like a simple to-do. Work on my websites. They’re already making money, so pumping them up should be easier than anything else I’ve done in the past.

Peak Performance My Ass

So, anyway to that end I’ve been pushing myself to DO MORE and TAKE MORE ACTION so that I can see better results.

The problem is … it doesn’t work.

I’ve done all the stuff I’ve learnt about peak performance, NLP, self-coaching etc and “tried” applying all this stuff to my own life. But every time I take my notes, sit in front of the computer to write more email messages or a special report for my subscribers … I get a writer’s block.

(On a side note, blogging never presented that problem. Even though I’ve opened my writer after two weeks, it feels perfectly natural to sit in a 151 bus, going home after work, closing my eyes and just typing out my thoughts)

So, let’s recap – I’m stuck not being able to do anything productive.

Did I mention that have a “Skill Builders Group” – It’s a bunch of friends who coach each other towards their goals and help them deal with the ups & downs of life.

Last weekend, I was sitting in front of the computer and staring at the screen. Really just staring. I was supposed to write some special reports for my book (for promotion) and I couldn’t get a single word out.

After 2 long days of doing nothing, I picked up the phone and called my dear friend Eldhi (often my sounding bag & coach & bitching buddy).

Rachit: Eldhi!!!!!!!!! I’m Stuck

Eldhi: Hmmmmm …. why don’t you go exercise

Rachit: Did that already!!

Eldhi: Hmmmmm … why don’t you call your lady friend over a nice hug

Rachit: She’s been and gone already!!

Eldhi: Hmmmmm

Rachit: Eldhi, how???

Eldhi: Then forget it lah! You’re not a pressure person. Just heck-care and be carefree, ok?

Rachit: Yayyyyyy!

After shutting off the phone, I saw a movie (The Illusionist, quite a cool magic movie). Chilled out for several hours. Eventually, I got bored of chilling out and ended up finishing some work in 30 minutes.

The same work I was staring at for the entire two days.

Is Self Development Really Necessary?

So, here’s what I’m wondering … what’s the point of looking for peak performance, and working harder and going towards your goals?

Personally, I’m much happier just enjoying each day. Somehow, my goals seem to always fall on my feet along the way :P

There’s also something I saw in the latest episode of “Heroes”

Mr Linderman: Nathan, do you want to live a life of happiness? … Or a life of meaning?

Nathan: I’d like to think I can get both.

Mr Linderman: Oh no, Nathan … they’re totally different. Being happy means living completely in the moment. Living each day and exploiting every moment. Living for a purpose means constantly thinking & worrying about the past, the future and the path you’re on. You can’t have both son …

Hmm … I would much rather be happy than significant.

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  1. structured procrastination, son.

  2. Hi Rachit

    Hang in there! It’s such contrary that while people like me who is stuck to a 9 to 5 job wanted to get out and you instead plunged in hee hee.

    But i believe you have your intentions and everything will work out for you.


  3. Like your buddy, Cray, said, you’re just making up reasons.

    If you have a strong enough motivation, and more importantly an emotional motivation, rather than an intellectual one, you’d move much faster.

    Go impregnate someone, borrow a large sum of money, make a public vow to give away all your material posessions if you dont achieve a consistant $2k/month by June 07. See if that makes you a little more jumpy.

    You’re just too contented, my man.

    Maybe you should go talk to a financial planner and see a spreadsheet that shows you might have to work till 90 to meet your retirement needs.
    That may motivate you a little.

    Or it might be time to start email courting ivanka trump…

  4. Haha … Andrew Wee, Easy Now Ma’an

    You’re just too hurried, my man.

    Take it easy, give it time and stop over-analyzing every situation. If the big picture intention is good, all the months & days of uncertainty are just a distraction.

    All this peak performance voodoo is over-hyped. Yes, sometimes its necessary. But most of the time, these are just skills that have to be learnt along the way. The more important thing to gain is faith.

    So like I said, just experiencing life is the prize … success, riches & material posessions are a nice bonus.

    Let go of the tension aWee, you will succeed without the self-analysis too ;)

  5. Someone placed me on this earth to accomplish great things.

    Gotta live up to my destiny.

  6. Hi Rachit,

    I would have to agree with Andrew here..

    As you would have read all about it at my blog.

    It’s not about making a difference but the difference you were put on this earth to make. ;)

  7. I see what you guys are saying … but I just can’t imagine a life without faith in myself.

    Is there a doubt in your mind about being extraordinary? About accomplishing great things? If there is, then yes … go ahead and give it the conscious effort it requires.

    But if you’re beyond that point, and you’re able to trust yourself to do great things without measuring & worrying about frequent check points, that is a wonderful kind of bliss I wish every driven person could experience.

    The most essential skill in accomplishing great things is feeling invincible.

    And if you feel invincible, there is nothing to think about tomorrow.

    Just enjoy & grow each day … Invincible people won’t have any trouble tomorrow either :)

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