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A Rose On My Doorstep …

Aug 23rd, 2006 | By | Category: Personal Stories, Romance

Today, I came back from office a little late … and as I stepped into my washroom to freshen up … my eyes glanced upon my bathtub. Inside the tub, lay an arrangement so perfect, I couldn’t have done it better myself.

Something that played more with my curiousity … than with my vision. As I stooped to take a closer look, my feeling of intrigue grew … kind of like when you’re young, and you see a neatly wrapped gift lying for you on your birthday. And the feelings of excitement and curiousity complement each other until the point, where you just have to go and pull the ribbon open.

There lay a small bunch of flowers. Placed in a beautiful tight bunch, there were three pink flowers looking absolutely cozy next to each other. In fact, it almost looked like they had been trying different combinations all evening just to look so perfect when i would return to see them.

I closed the door to shut out the light from my bedroom. But it made no difference to them, they seemed to shine even brighter with less light. And as their pink turned into a darker red in the lesser light, it reminded me of moments passed with even stronger emotions.

I slowly bent down to touch the petals. Oh, soft like they were just plucked from a shrub. As I slowly touched the first petal … it was just like running my finger against the smooth cheek of …

As I closed my eyes, enjoyed that soft touch, and took a long deep breath … I could just feel the calm from that touch go in my hands, flow through my arms, spread through my upper body, and then all the places where I really wanted to feel the tingle …

Who put it there? Was it someone I know and suspect? Do I have a secret admirer? Is nature simply conspiring to play with me and made it flow through the window? Or could all this be the poetic imagination of this hopeless romantic?

I don’t know … but I sure hope I’m sane … and these pictures prove that part.

A flower bunch in my bathtub ...

Pink petals in the blue light ...

This coupled with some events over the last few weeks is making me a very strong believer in serendipity. Maybe things do always happen for a good reason …

Something big’s about to happen …

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  1. Yea man, there’s always a calm before the big stuff comes. I think it’ll be smashing. Lolz

    By the way, flowers in the bathroom have a whole different meaning for me…

  2. Yep … still waiting for the storm …

    Hey, what do flowers signify for you? A way for air purification in the bathroom? :P

  3. Hmmn the flowers dont look like a tightly tied bunch, they look like a small part of a bunch and they dont look pink but violet. Hey, i dont mean to ‘burst’ your bubble of intrigue of course…

  4. Hmmmm … maybe you’re right Squaw.

    Or maybe poets see the world from their own little soap bubble. They can see tragedies as opportunities. They can the beauty in the chaos. They can see love in lovely. And they can see the pinkness in the color.

  5. Good god man,,, you ARE a poet after all.. and a romantic one too! Goddamit, do they still make men like you?

  6. Make us? I think it’s more like carving out of stone …

    There’s a poet in all of us … As the winds of change in our lives pass all around us … we choose how we want to be sculped out.

    Some of us choose to end up in a square shape … and so our personalities are square too – keeping to our jobs, worrying about our careers.

    Some of us end up in a cone shape … focussed towards reaching higher and higher.

    I think I’d like to be a sphere. Have every area of my life balanced … and happily roll around the world … feeling good for no good reason from things like laughing kids … happy couples … and peaceful gardens.

    Naah, I’m not a whole poet. I just let the poet within me come out once in a while to express the beauty of the things around me.

  7. So rachit, let me ask, you.. a former self-development junkie.. if i was one too before and if after all of that inner work; i still cant get lots of things right in my life, does it mean i’m #$%^&** up? Is there hope?

  8. I kinda like the idea of being a sphere rolling around giggling crazily…. yipeeeee… squeaallllll !

  9. Has there ever been a time in your life, maybe when you were younger … when small & large successes just came without a conscious effort of improvement?

    Those successes may have come in the form of a first relationship, or a great rapport with family & friends, or success at studies/work …

    I believe all of us have achievement flags in our past … but we don’t usually think about them. When we grow older, we have to make an conscious effort to find these things … and remind ourselves of a time when the power to succeed came from within us … not the techniques & strategies we read/heard.

    And if you do find some of these things in your own life … ask yourself, what’s changed within?

    You may have been bogged down by the realities of the world. You may have been bit by some failures. But the essence, the soul, of your success is still there … it’s just buried under some rocks, right?

    So, if you were able to succeed by yourself in the past … and “yourself” is essentially still in there … there’s no reason why you can’t have faith to succeed in the future, right?

    Life’s never going to be perfect. Whatever your definition of perfection is … when you get there, you’ll soon get bored of it … and start going on a new definition of perfection.

    I ain’t no motivation guru … but my own freedom from junkiness came from this simple realization …

    “I have faith in my own abilities to succeed. Because I’ve done it in the past, and my friends and family believe in me … that must mean, I’ll be able to do it in the future.

    I just don’t need to worry about getting to my goals every day. I’ll enjoy each day to the fullest, and trust myself to move upward every day. Good things happen to people who learn to be happy :)

    I know I know … to the casual reader, the above stuff sounds very chim … but if we take a moment to reflect and take these thoughts seriously … they can mean a lot of each of us.

  10. Haha … yeah, now that you mention it … I like it too!

    In fact, it reminds me of two wallpapers I have lying around …

  11. cant open the link or is a file…. oh im in need of comfort right now… southern would be good.. or anyother liquid with HIGH alcohol content!

  12. Easy dude, it’s only wednesday the 6th … how’s your booze money gonna last you the rest of the month :)

    To aid your relaxation, I fixed the image links

  13. lol!! I’m a Squaw.. therefore a dudedess? you know them squaws with a name like “She flies by night” (er, no on second thots, not that one), how about “Walking Gently” er no, that wont work either cos em Native Americans had animal totems didnt they? So.. lets see I guess it’ll have to be “Gentle Sparrow that turns in fighting Falcon when provoked”..

    I like them spheres…

  14. Haha … well, love … you should know that Squaw is also a colloquial slang for a lady’s private parts.

    (Or as Russell Peters would say … “a woman’s woohooo!”)

    The best time to bring out the Fighter bird is when you’re inside … For now, The Gentle Sparrow can continue to have fun playing with shiny balls.

  15. a Squaw is slang for WHAT?!!!??? Bet a man came up with that!!
    R, Why do people write blogs? Ive always wanted to pen my life story .. a certain winner of the Booker,Pulitzer and every other book prize! Then to me made into a movie which will win the Academy and Golden Globe awards. Stories that will make Oprah weep. Now if I could just start on chapter 1 !

  16. Hey! With grandma stories like that … anything you write can make Oprah weep ;)

  17. Great post, I need to make a blog.

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