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A Sad, Terrible Day …

Jun 22nd, 2006 | By | Category: Personal Stories

Today, I called home and got a chance to chat with mum after a long time. And right into our conversation, she gave me some terrible news …

Mr & Mrs B are one of our closest family friends. Very successful in every aspect of life, they have two sons. The elder, Anand, recently graduated … started working in Infosys and is now posted in Amsterdam. The younger, P is still studying.

About a week ago, Anand had a little accident and got a hairline fracture in his foot. After getting a cast and doctor’s advice, everything seemed fine. I’m told he went for regular check ups and everything …

Last night, he talked to his parents on the phone around 8PM. Around 10PM, his friends called the parents and said he’d fainted … they were taking him to a hospital. Around 12 midnight, he was put on a ventilator.

At 12:10 late at night, he was declared dead.

A young, jovial, successful chap of 23, working in a great job in a fun new country. And suddenly … in the space of 5 hours, he’s gone.

Apparently there was a bloodcot in the foot that travelled to his heart … and blocked an artery.

If a freak accident like that doesn’t make you want to scream … what does …

Mum & Dad were with his parents in about half an hour. Apparently both the parents are just broken … It’s just so so saddening. I can’t even imagine losing my parents … I don’t know if there’s anything more painful than parents losing their young children.

So, who knows what lies ahead. There may be years of joy. Or there may be a single moment of tragedy.

Make the most of the next day. Enjoy yourself and make your loved ones happy.

Anand B was a fun, charming young man. God bless is soul … and those of his family he’s left behind. He will be deeply loved and always missed by his family & friends.

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