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And they’re blaming Lamont!

Aug 13th, 2006 | By | Category: Personal Stories

Last week, something really significant happened in American politics. Joe Lieberman (the guy who ran for Vice Presidency with Al Gore in 2000) lost his party’s confidence for even getting selected to the Senate.

And he was beaten by a entrepeneur millionaire, who’s only selling point was that he opposed the Iraq War. Ned Lamont, this new guy used blogs and Internet buzz to boost his campaign and beat the 18 year old veteran Lieberman.

Now, here’s the interesting thing … the minute the London air attacks were averted … the loser Lieberman and Vice President DICK Cheney … blatently attacked Lamont. Their words were almost identical – “Lamont’s victory will encourage these al-queda types”

Jeezus fucking christ! Have a bit of decency Cheney … it was your oil war in Iraq that pissed off the terrorists … pushed them into Guerilla warfare … took important troops away from homeland security and peacekeeping missions around the world, and thrust them into useless Iraq.

And that made me think about why Bush was still in power. Why the Democrats hadn’t been able to convince the public that they were pushed into a pointless war in Iraq. Why America hadn’t learnt that the real security was needed at their airports, ports, embassies, with allies … not in a oil-filled middle eastern country.

And I figured it out. It’s because they don’t have a good tagline.

They need a great, easy to remember motto that emcompasses what they stand for. And me (being a marketing consultant), will do them a favour and just write one for them.

“Bush is off protecting the Iraqis. Who is going to protect Americans?”

It makes sense, doesn’t it? Bush is more interested in “liberating” the Iraqis and using the troops there, rather than letting them protect America.

Clearly, Americans are more concerned with security than their economy or any other issue … so I wrote this logo on that topic.

It is short and sweet … and it provies the antithesis to the current administration. The reason Kerry lost was that he didn’t offer any major different position that Dubya.

All the republicans who have been blinded by the media blitz of the administration, need to be told the truth. The true cost of the Iraq war is that those same troops can’t protect America because they are really needed at home and in Afghanistan, fighting the real threat to America.

So, please remember the new audio logo for Democrats (and the rest of us sane people in the world) … we need more people saying and remembering it … if we can have any hope of having a sane administration take over the most powerful office in the world.

“Bush is off protecting Iraqis. Who will protect Americans?”

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  1. hey rachit, i noticed on technorati that your blog is installed at

    which i’m amending in my blog roll but the address listed is

    you’re in my sidebar, but technorati is not showing the inbound links to you.

    i’ve added the /wordpress/ sub directory and it should work out better.

  2. Thanks dude … I have to learn a lot about blogs … might even move my server to the work server (where I host all my commercial sites).

    Right now, I’m still figuring out how to add feeds, delicious and digg buttons, and modify my template a little bit …

    Thanks for your whole blog initiative on IMS – I think it’s great that our small community gets to support each other … I’m starting to check out the blogs of all the IMS members too!

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