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Apartment Hunting for Dummies

May 16th, 2006 | By | Category: Personal Stories

What a bizzzzzzarre weekend!

Man, my landlord wants to increase the rent by $200 (Landlord, if you’re reading … _|_ off !) … So I recently started looking for new apartments.

It is so hard! Apparently nobody wants to give out cheap apartments to entrepreneur-types. And since I got a bunch of friends, it’s even harder to get 4 bedrooms.

There was this good apartment in Tiong Bahru, nice price, gorgeous view, 4 bedrooms. But the landlord was a prick … he wanted us to move immediately (and break my existing contract one month early). Plus, he wouldn’t fix anything and wanted us to move “as is”.

Long story short, we gave his agent a piece of our mind … and told him to finger off too.

So, if anyone knows affordable 3 or 4 bedroom apartments anywhere in the city (until clementi), please email me!

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