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Apple Marketing (for MacWorld 2007) … What Do They Have Up Their Sleeves?

Jan 9th, 2007 | By | Category: Entrepreneurship, Technology Brands

Apple’s always been a role model for innovative marketing – their interfaces are always clean and usable. Their products are always cutting edge and stable. And they follow the marketing concepts of branding and anticipation so well … that books have been written about them.

One of the things they do frequently is introduce new product lines in major conferences. Steve Jobs charismatically struts out on stage for 3 hours (usually in a plain black T-shirt and jeans) and then introduces one product after another. Every major product (from the cool iMacs in 1997, to iPods in 2001 … and nanos, MacBooks, iWorks and everything else in between.

And MacWorld Expo, usually held in January is the main place to do that. The next MacWorld falls on the next Tuesday. Of course, everyone on the Internet is buzzing … what will they introduce next?

Here, take a look at the apple website … notice the one screen big graphic right at the top that says “The first 30 years were just the beginning. Welcome to 2007.” ?

So, what do you think they mean by that? Most technologists and bloggers have their own opinions. Personally, I think its a pointer to next week’s big conference … and they plan to introduce something totally revolutionary.

iPhone is almost an almost assured addition to the Apple line (even though it won’t be called that … that brand name is already being used by Cisco). Of course, it will have to be very Apple-esque to survive such a competitive landscape. Apart from the usual phone features, it’ll have to have something revolutionary in the user interface (no buttons perhaps? a touch screen or scroll wheel for navigation), high capacity music playing (512MB just won’t cut it any more … Moto iPhones sucked), and some very cool syncing capabilities with Macs and Windows (calenders, contacts, emails etc).

A new iPod is also a good possibility. Rumor mills have been going on and on about a spanking new iPod that actually doesn’t even need the touch! It will work by waving your hand around the screen and having it recognize the movements. Of course, it will have the normal goodies of an even more widescreen aspect, better battery life, more capacity and the usual “coolness” of the iPods.

Other possible ideas I’ve read about include the iTV (the device which will let you stream from the Mac to the TV), a brand new tablet PC, new applications of iWorks 2007 (almost assured), new Cinema Display monitors (that line hasn’t been updated since 2004) and new desktops (iMacs were upgraded mid last year … maybe it will be the power desktops now).

There’s just one thing Apple makes sure of … everytime – Nobody gets a peek before the actual launch date. And so, I’m sure everyone will keep guessing until Tuesday morning :)

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