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Are You A Right-Brainer Or Left-Brainer?

Oct 10th, 2007 | By | Category: NLP

Here’s a very simple test to see if you’re using your right brain more … or your left brain. I found the awesome graphic at here …

Look at the image below – is the dancer turning clockwise? or anti-clockwise?

As the link says, people who see the dancer turning clockwise are using more of their right brain. If you’re using the dancer turning anti-clockwise, you’re using more of the left brain.

You can make a conscious effort to change the direction of the dancer (I closed my eyes and imagined the dancer going the other direction … when I opened my eyes, the dancer changed direction to anti-clockwise) … but the first instinct of the dancer’s direction is probably a good bet.

So, what does it mean if you’re right brain or left brain?

Both sides of the brain control different sides of our personality. If you have to narrow it down – Right brain is creativity … Left brain is logic.

If you wanna break it down … this graphic should explain things for you …

Using this knowledge in real life …

I first learnt the concept of right-brain and left-brain while spending time with Adam Khoo … here’s a guy who learnt this concept of whole-brain-learning, mind maps and speed reading and applied it all through his life.

And so I learnt that our left brain is the one that control logic and analytics. And all through our life and education system (school, college), we focus on building our skills for the left brain.

But our right brain is the “holistic” learning centre. It is in charge of creativity, feeling, fantasy, possibility … and we need to make an extra effort to train it in order to get the most out of our lives.

Since the time I learnt about this concept, I have been training both sides of my brain and I must say I’m more satisfied with my thinking now. When I need to be analytical, I’m much better at making strategies. When I need to be creative, I’m much better at feeling and dreaming possibilities.

In fact, this last weekend I was coaching the Patterns of Excellence program … and I noticed how much better participants learnt because we stimulated both sides of the brain (with activities, self-learning, pictures etc). I’ve also seen it before at kids education programs where whole-brain learning is encouraged.

(By the way, if anyone is interested in improving the productivity of your career and holistic life … or for getting your children better at studying and performing in school/university … then contact me for details. I have been organizing these kind of programs for a while now and give you more details).

Anyway, the moral of the story is that you have to train both sides of your brain. The next time you need to study better, stop staring at the words – draw pictures and doodle – they’ll help your learning. Or the next you need a solution for a problem, stimulate your right-brain with some activities to invoke thought!

Take care of both your brain :)

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  1. The key to make the spinning dancer change direction is either by looking at the reflection… or concentrating on one side. :)

  2. Hello Rachit!

    I bump onto your article quite accidentally and was quite impressed with the spinning image!

    The result greatly disturbes me because I perceive the lady in the image spinning clockwise on her left leg. I have been an engineer by profession for over 5 years and I do much better analytically, at the same time, I see the big picture of many problems.

    You see, engineers are logical beast by design so that got me a bit worried. ;-)

    Anyway, great article and thanks for sharing!

  3. Haha … I know the feeling Wai Loong. The damn society’s trained us to be logic monkeys!

    Fret not, the problem is easily fixable. If you focus hard enough in your mind … you can change the lady’s direction …

    And if you can the lady’s direction, you can change the direction of your own mind. You can easily activate the creativity side of your brain if you focus :)

  4. Hi Rachit,
    This dancing lady experience is quite uncanny. The article was good reading. Great write up , fantastic website!!!!
    Good luck to you.
    Rita Nandy

  5. Well..i went to see the link to the dancer..maybe its me..but i realise tat given certain time intervals the dancer will change her direction includin the limbs as well..i guess its the way the graphic is programmed….or maybe its jus me tat while changin direction the dancer switched to the other hand and leg..nothing much to prove bout the left or right brain.

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