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Blog Redux

May 10th, 2008 | By | Category: This Site

After many months of laziness on both my blogs ( and … I’ve finally decided to do something about it. So, I made the painful decision to shut down and focus all my blogging energies on

Actually, it wasn’t all that painful. Both my blogs have been dead for several months now. So, it was an easy decision to focus my energies on just one blog. The only thing that was stopping me from merging the two blogs was this:

  • was a very personal blog – I wrote about my inner thoughts, experiments with personal development, my growth in skill of using NLP and Hypnosis and even a fair bit of romance! I didn’t know if that stuff would be appropriate for this blog.
  • I have a very annoying bug in my blog … every few days, my web hosting automatically creates a folder called “blog” … which stops my blog from being accessible! I have to log in and delete that folder and that usually causes a delay. I still haven’t figured out a cause, but I’m biting the bullet and doing the merge anyway – If any of you have any ideas of why my web host would create a “blog” folder by itself … then please drop a comment here.

So, I guess you can expect a bunch of short posts from me regularly now … spread over a variety of topics.

Here’s What I Expect To Be Doing Over The Next Few Days

  • Importing all the blog posts from my old blog – It could be a bit of an issue, because that is WordPress 2.0.2 and that version didn’t do WordPress WXR exports yet (WXR is a very nice XML based backup system for wordpress, exports all posts and comments into XML … makes it easy to backup and move blogs).
  • Handle domain and file structure issues with the old blog – I haven’t decided whether to shut down the old site or not. Maybe I’ll keep it as a gallery of some of my old infamous posts. Otherwise, I’ll be doing 301 redirects from that site to this.
  • Fixing the automatic folder creation problem – Somewhere in my web hosts karma, I’ve pissed it off. So it automatically creates a “blog” folder which I don’t want. I have to figure out a solution for that.
  • Publicize my “May Income Tax Website Sale” … There’s less than a week left in my website sale, and I might do a little promotion on it, before raising my prices again on the 15th of the month.
  • Do a visual upgrade – A good blog theme I’ve been customizing has been waiting in the wings for a while. I have to come around to deploying it in the next few days.
  • Celebrate my two years of blogging! May 11th, 2006 was the first time I wrote a blog post … it was a deeply personal (and surprisingly incoherent blog).

Thanks for reading – it’s good to be back kids!

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  1. how did you end up exporting posts from the old 2.0.2 wordpress blog? did you upgrade that one first to use the WXR generator? curious if there’s a more straightforward way…

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