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Blogically Frustrated!

Sep 9th, 2006 | By | Category: Personal Stories

Do any of the other bloggers relate to this?

If I stay away from my blog too long, I become extremely unproductive. I don’t feel like working, all kinds of random thoughts keep floating in my head and I basically just feel lethargic.

Blogging … has become a way to detox my thoughts! I open up wordpress, blog whatever’s in my head, and my brain becomes clear. I know what to do next and nothing stops me from doing so …

I think it’s an healthy habit I picked up, and should regularize it like gymming and sports.

If you can’t tell, I haven’t blogged in almost a week … and it’s driving me crazy! So, I’m gonna punch out everything that’s in my head … so that I can get back to work.

I still am curious as to what you guys think … has blogging become essential to your inner health?

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