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Can Someone Help My Confused Identity?

Nov 6th, 2006 | By | Category: Personal Stories, This Site

Rachit: Who Am I As A Blogger? ... the picture that contains the answers to my woes!

Over the last two months, I’ve been very confused.

Not over my real-life identity … oooh no … Over the past few months, I’ve been more at peace with my identities and life than ever!

I’ve been happy no matter what … it hasn’t mattered if I was sick or healthy … if I was single or dating … if I was broke or making money … I’ve learnt to be amazingly happy with myself!

But I haven’t been blogging properly :(

You see … good personal posts take a lot of time & thought. Some of them have to be funny, some have to be cheeky, some have to be romantic and some have to be … just very personal.

On the other hand, I see topics in technology or Internet Marketing that I like blogging about every day! Except, I don’t want to … because the main audience of (this blog) … cares more about me & my life, than Internet Marketing and technology news.

Hmmmm … so I had a big problem with my blogging life.

One one side … The target audience of this blog wants to see me post good personal posts. And I like posting those, except they are slow and take time to come out.

On the other side … I’m a techie. And I want to also blog about techie issues … they are much more easier to churn out, and we technies need a lot more of them to read.

… and I started thinking …

… and thinking …

… until …


Ready? … Drumroll …

So, in case you haven’t figured it out, here’s the answer.

I’m gonna split this into two blogs! It’ll be like there are two blogs for the two parts of my personality – my head and my heart!

This ( will remain my heart blog

… it’ll talk about
- Personal updates from me
- Spicy stories from my love life, flirting & odd incidents I have with the fairer sex
- My views on romance & love
- My odd poetry … on all the oddly beautiful things I see every day
- My journey through life & personal growth
- My views on NLP & Personal Development

This blog is targeted at my friends & other people interested in an excited young entrepreneur’s life … it’ll just showcase my relaxed lifestyle and help me make more friends :)

And I’ll create another blog (probably on will be my head blog

… where i’ll talk about
- My views & experiences with Internet Marketing
- Tips & techniques in search engine marketing with Google & Yahoo
- Reviews & comments on the latest technology gadgets
- Latest inventions in online marketing from Google, Yahoo & MSN
- Updates on mergers, acquisitions and the corporate side of Tech Giants
- Lessons learnt as an Internet Marketer, Young Entrepreneur & Singapore Businessman

This blog is targeted at Internet Marketers and business owners in Singapore … it’ll help me give out all the information in my head, boost my reputation and showcase my services to interested prospects.

Excited? You’d better be!

This is going to make both my blogs more interesting, targeted and regularly updated.

I want to get them right … so I’ll need some time to set up both the blogs properly … from a technical and marketing point of view. But both of them should be fine & dandy by new years!

So, what do you think? (I’m really really desperate for comments, ok?)

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  1. Great idea! But remember to put only your Head blog addy on ur outgoing emails to prospective clients next time ok??? :) :) And meanwhile dont mind if i only read ur heart blog lol.. how come u havent written your phone girl incident??

  2. Haha … will do miss consultant. I’m sure you’ll find plenty of interesting stuff in my heart blog ;)

    Oh, the phone girl incident was for private circulation only … you missed your chance to hear the details …

  3. since you are desperate=P


    Awww, come on! You know how much I love you;)

    Yup I think it can be touche having your potential clients read your personal blog.

    Do keep a link to ur business blog on the side, so that I can happily click to read it easily=) cos u know, I like to read those boring stuff:)

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