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I Can Bend Spoons!

Feb 12th, 2008 | By | Category: Health & Healing, Hypnosis, NLP, Personal Development, Personal Stories

Do you remember the great scene from The Matrix, when Neo meets a little kid who’s bending spoons?

A couple of weeks ago, some friends of mine had gone for a spoon bending class  here (Singapore) and they came back to show off their spoons. At that point I started believing that if they could do [...]

Take care of your butt, Be Happy!

Feb 23rd, 2007 | By | Category: Hypnosis, News & Updates

Haha … are you having a hard day/week/month/year?
Fret not, I can promise to take your worries away in just 45 seconds … guaranteed! (ain’t I a true marketer, keke)
Just watch this short video below and I bet you’ll laugh the next time something bad happens

How To Bitch Your Heart Out … And Yet Make Sure Nobody Hears You!

Jan 9th, 2007 | By | Category: Happiness, Health & Healing, Hypnosis, Motivation, Peace, Personal Stories

What a stupid, gloomy morning! I woke up in the morning at 830, and I saw both my roomies had left for office/school already! And I was hoping to be the first one. Grrr …
Then, I pulled up the blinds and it was raining like mad! Damn, stupid rain … depressing me early in the [...]