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Coach Carter – Do You Have A Hero’s Story?

Apr 5th, 2007 | By | Category: Entrepreneurship, Happiness, Health & Healing, Peace

First, some good news for my readers – My job’s all finished up, I’m a free man again!

Last night, I wrapped up the project I’d been working on for the last 6 weeks. (Like a good boy, I stayed at the client’s office until 9:30PM).

So, to celebrate my first day of my return to the freelancing world – I woke up late. Opened my eyes around 9:45AM and stumbled out of bed to receive a call from a client.

Then, I spent the rest of the morning chilling out … made myself a nice brunch (omelettes made in microwaves come out pretty well!), hit the gym for a bit and saw two sports movies – Coach Carter & Friday Night Lights.

Sports Movies – When Heroes Don’t Always Win …

For those who haven’t seen these movies, they’re basically about sports teams and their coaches … and their journey from being nobody’s to rising to greatness. And all the stumbling blocks in between – the egos of the young players, the toughness of the coach and the resistance of the world to let them make tough moves for the better.

And they had one more thing in common. Both the movies ended with big games in the state championships (Coach Carter is about a California high school basketball team, Friday Night Lights is based on a Texas high school football team). And the both teams fought hard, and they overcame all their inner demons and bunched together to hurrah for one last win.

But they fell short.

Both teams lost by hair’s width at their final hurdle.

And it hurt like hell … they had done everything they could, come together, fought hard and gone for the gold. But it still didn’t get them the gold – they had to settle for second place.

How would you react if this happened to you? If you finished second best and it stung right at the finish line?

These two movies were not about the winning teams.

They were about the teams that gave the process their heart & soul … and cried when they were defeated at the finish line … and when the tears dried up …

The jumped up again and went for the next challenge.

I know many friends who have such stories … one of my own stories (of getting back up from the dumps) has been very popular with my blog readers

… but do you know your own hero story?

Everyone can rejoice in victory … the question is how will you act in defeat? Will you let yourself be broken and give up? Will you put a wall around your emotions and just carry on like nothing happened?

Or … will you act like emotional champions do … allow yourself the grace to mourn your loss, shed those tears and then let the inspirational music play in your head … the music that reminds you that champions are called champions because they get up again and again.

In a few hours, I will head over to AKLTG for the next round of Patterns of Excellence … I will remember my own hero story and help everyone participant and coach find their own hero. If you will be there, I hope you can look at yourself in the bright shining light … like everyone else looks at you.

And for everyone else … if you’re having a good day, remember to maintain this composure when things don’t look so good … If you’re having a bad day, by all means, mourn. But remember to get up and start running again.

When you’re not sure what to do just Shine.

It gives unconscious permission to the people around you, so they can shine too.

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  1. Hi Rachit

    I watched Coach Carter too and was surprised by the ending of the movie coz I always had the mentality that movie directors want to just give us an ending that we all want.

    The game in Coach Carter reminded of my very own experiences of striving hard and am defeated. It’s hard to take a blow of defeat, especially if that’s the only thing that you are banking on as your source of happiness.

    But it’s important that no matter what happens, we need to adopt the never say die attitude. We know that humans experience emotions and emotions cause our behaviours. So, it’s important that we do not let our emotions control us and our behaviours, to prevent any undesired consequences.

    Easier said than done. But if we are able to programme ourselves to snap back in peak performance mode.. we can accomplish even more things despite a defeat!

    So, let’s just shine! :)


  2. yeah inspiring movie

    any movie with samuel l.j in it, worth watching

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