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Crazy Stories From The Bedroom

Jun 7th, 2007 | By | Category: Romance

I originally started this thread – because about 10 months ago, I heard some crazy sex stories from a biker chick.

When this biker chick told me her stories – my mouth was half hanging. Such explicit details!

(Actually, that might have been the inspiration for the candidness I show in my posts …)

Over time, I kept forgetting to blog about it … and forgot most of them. But here’s my recollection of some of the interesting stuff I wanted to blog about.

Story 1 – She sleeps like a princess

Let me start with a personal story. First one is about her. She’s away from the city in business … so I better blog this now, so she can’t use her pussy cat eyes to make me feel guilty and not share this story.

Now guys, can you relate to this? Do leave comments and let me know …

So, She acts like a princess in bed. Really a princess.

The minute she falls asleep, the whole king sized bed becomes hers!

First off, she’ll start sleeping in the middle of the bed, with me on one side. Then, as she gets cosier … on the pretext of hugging, she’ll roll me over such that both of us are on the last 30% of the bed.

Beyond that point, I don’t know how she does it, but eventually I end up with half my body hanging out of my bed. And after she’s fast asleep … I slowly extract myself from the bed … walk over to the other side and enjoy the remaining 80% of the bed.

Not for long though. The next time my eyes open, she will be back on my side … seductively urging me to cuddle. And when I do, again, I wake up on the final 10% of the bed with half my body hanging out

Damn, I feel like a domesticated cat in bed … No matter what I do, she manages to steal the damn bed … Sigh …

Story 2 – Biker Chick’s Date Wants To Make Conversation

This story totally cracked me up with Biker Chick was telling me.

Disclaimer, I can’t remember half this story months from when she told me. Although I think I’m recalling it, I may very well be making most of it up. Never mind, just enjoy the story.

So, Biker Chick once dated a guy for a few weeks. As all young people do, after the third date (I think), things moved into the bedroom.

Slowly, they started making out and things get hot & heavy.

But biker chick notices something weird about her date. Instead of focussing on the carnal pleasures that await, he’s still talking.

No no … not dirty talk. Not naughty talk. Not romantic talk.

Random talk. Talk about the weather. Talk about their days. Talk about their careers.

At this point, I want to find that guy and scream into his ear – “Jeez dude, you’re getting laid – enjoy it while it lasts!”

Anyway, things keep getting heavier. He’s on top. He’s still talking.

She flips him around. Now she’s on top. He’s still making conversation.

She thinks “How do I get him to stop talking! Let me look away from him”.

So, she coaxes him into doggie.

He focusses on the sex part and shuts up. But just for a while. Slowly, he bends over, gets in the position of talking into her ear. And then keeps talking.

At this point, she’s had enough … she … erm … makes him finish up and just wants to go to sleep.

As they lie in bed, he’s still talking!

Finally, she screams at him … tells him that only freaks talk during sex, so don’t do it next time … and only super-freaks talk AFTER sex, so just bloody go to sleep


Rachit was highly amused with this story. He spent the rest of that night visualizing the whole scene.

Story 3 – An Embarrassing Situation For Biker Chick’s Date

So, biker chick and her friends go out to town. They’re dancing and drinking. Eventually, they meet a group of guys.

Conversations happen. Through subtle signals, all the guys and girls pair up and set out to find their own destiny.

Drunk and high, Biker chick and her new date find their way back to her place.

As alcohol does to most people, they start to do the things you see on discovery channel.

It’s dark. They’re high. Nobody really knows what’s going on, but they’re just enjoying the feeling up.

They make out for a while. She loses some clothes. He loses some clothes.

Suddenly, he declares, “I’m going in!”

She turns around, faces her ass-cheeks to him and lets her head rotate as she patiently waits for the inevitable.

As she waits, she can hear him huffing and puffing.

His hips are moving too, back and forth.

He seems to be having a jolly good time.

So, she does what any good woman will do … ask the inevitable question …

“Hey, Is it in yet?”

Oops. Embarrassing pause. Turns out the date had entered the tunnel of joy long before and was enjoying the ride.

But biker chick didn’t feel anything.

Biker chick freaks out a little – “Damn, Did I just bring notice to his tiny pee pee?”

The dude was visibly a little upset.

Biker chick feigns ignorance and blames the alcohol … and proceeds to make up for the slip of the tongue :P

Eventually, she has to fake an orgasm to make the little date feel powerful again.

Rachit is just thankful he hung around that fateful night at the Kopitiam to hear and share stories like this.

If you liked the stories, then please comment! It will inspire me to dig out more of these and share them on the blog … he he

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  1. You know dude… Some girls only share these stories with their gay guy friends unless they’re inviting you for a ride (I mean the BIKE of course)…

    I’m more and more impressed by the diversity of your posts… Ever thought of using sex to sell your consulting services? Give it a thought…

  2. dude can you please arrange for my introduction to this friend of yours.

    i’m young, desperate, horny, action-less and did i mention desperate. :)

    thanks for your co-operation.

    *i really hope all this doesn’t show up in a google search on me*

  3. You completely cracked me up haha! My removable hard disk died about 10 days ago too :(

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