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Do You Do Facebook Advertising?

Aug 16th, 2008 | By | Category: Online Marketing, Pay Per Click, Technology Brands

The signs have become crystal clear in the past 8 months … social networking is becoming the most popular activity on the web. Which means social networking pages get more views than content or search pages.

About 15 months ago, it became clear that facebook would be the largest social network in time … at that time, it’s rate of growth was mammoth compared with incumbents like MySpace, Orkut and Friendster. Moreover, its growth has been very well balanced across the globe.

It was at that time, when millions of facebook apps suddenly started popping up. As an online marketing consultant, that was also my busiest period in advising companies on how to use Facebook apps for growth. That wave has slowed down a little bit today.

Now, according to a study released by ComScore, Facebook has overtaken MySpace for the number 1 spot in social networking.Facebook is also the fastest growing social network – it’s rate of growth since last year has been about 150% … MySpace? A measly 3% …

So, let’s look at the pros for facebook advertising:

Basically all the signs lead to Facebook advertising – it seems like it will be the hottest place after Google AdWords to advertise next.

I’ve been dabbling a little bit, and will take the plunge for a new project that caters to that demographic. But if anyone else has had interesting experiences with Facebook advertising … I’d love to hear about it.

Just drop me an email at if you’ve started advertising on Facebook (or are interested in doing so).

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