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Don’t Upgrade To WordPress 2.6 Yet!

Jul 15th, 2008 | By | Category: Copywriting, News & Updates, Technology Brands

A few hours ago, WordPress 2.6 was released as an official download on the wordpress website.

If you’ve a frantic WordPress user, then you’ll remember that WordPress 2.5 was released not too long ago (March 29th). That’s actually a fairly short upgrade cycle … but there are some welcome features …

There are some excellent updates to the WordPress CMS:

  • Wiki-like Draft Saving – The ability to save all the drafts of every post you make. That way, if you don’t like the direction of your writing, you can compare older versions and use them instead. Very welcome features
  • Post from wherever on the web – For example, you can post from a Youtube page and WP will automatically embed the video code. From a Flickr page, it will pull out the image URL. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of this feature … I prefer fewer, but higher quality posts.
  • Google Gears at the back end – WP now uses Google Gears to create a sort of local server and save some CSS, Javascript files to speed things up. I’m not overly excited yet, I’ll be turned on when I can do all my editing offline in Firefox … and then post online.
  • Theme Previews – Instead of just posting a theme live, you can now preview it with all your existing content. There were a bunch of plugins that already did this, but it’s a really useful feature
  • Word Count – Pretty good for mathematical posters and magazine style sites. Take a huge article from your magazine and break it up into multiple posts of equal length easily now.
  • Image Captions – I never really missed captions so far … but now that they’re here, I don’t think I can live without them!
  • Bulk Management of Plugins – I’m really excited about this one. What I’m hoping for is the ability to upgrade, enable, disable and delete multiple plugins at once.
  • Several other minor features I haven’t tested out yet …

But here’s a word of warning – Dont’ upgrade yet. WordPress releases are notorious for needing security fixes and minor upgrades within days of major upgrades.

So, WordPress 2.6 went live on July 15th. Give it a good two weeks. In that time, there will be a WordPress 2.6.1 if required. And most of the plugins you use will be tested to see if they can work with this version. Then it’s a good time to upgrade.

In the meantime, as I’d advise all my clients … just focus on more useful content creation. The technology is secondary. Oh, and watch the video below for an introduction of WordPress 2.6

And if you’re really really keen to test this out, go ahead and set up a testing WordPress account. Test your theme and plugins to make sure everything works. And then check again!

And when you’re sold, click the button below to download WordPress 2.6 … or better yet, use the Automatic WordPress Upgrade Plugin.

In other news, my apologies for not posting often enough … been working hard on some excellent new websites – will post links and screenshots in a few days.

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  1. Hey dada , Rahul here !

    Actually i am planning to switch to WP but i fear loss of Page Rank and backlinks on Google ! Plus blogging on blogger is not so complex as in WP but yeah WP definitely beats Blogger in terms of functionality , i am thinking of switching to WP , what do u say ?

  2. Hey Rahul,

    I didn’t know you blogged! Send me your blogaddress – I’d love a read.

    Yep, you will lose your PageRank and back-links on Google … plus, hosting a WP account will cost you $$$ in terms of yearly domain fees and hosting fees … so think long and hard about making the jump.

    But if you do make the jump, customizing WP, playing with plugins & themes is a great way to learn about web and web design – and I think you’ll benefit a lot :) … Let me know if you need any help.

  3. Thanks for the reply dada , yeah i already have a domain but blogger is restricting me in way too many blogging fields :(

    yeah i do blog so do tell me how it is :)

    My blog address :

    P.s – You could have clicked my name in the comment box ;)

  4. Oh, I just realized that blog is yours … very nice, it’s full of great posts! Good stuff dude, how long have you been posting?

    As for your question about PageRank and backlinks being lost because of the shift to WP … it’s a legitimate issue. Plus, while Blogger’s handling your blog, it might be a little slow … but atleast it always works. With your own server and installation, the chances for going down are a lot higher.

    But there’s a simpler answer to all this … just install Google Analytics on your site for a few weeks and see how much of the traffic actually comes from search engines. You’ll probably find that just a few of your popular posts bring in most of the traffic. As long as we can tell the search engines (through some XML files) that those pages have moved, you shouldn’t have a lot of trouble with the new WP back-end.

    Aur, how’s the rest of the phamily? Email me your cell number at

  5. Rachit,

    I am blogging on blogger platform and own the domain name. Recently purchased web hosting space from BlueHost.

    But i am perplexed now..I dont know how to move my blog completely to wordpress. Your help will be appreciated.


  6. Hey Chris,

    Actually moving from blogspot to wordpress is pretty simple. Here’s what you have to do …

    Step 1. Set up your wordpress account on your domain name.

    Step 2. Choose your theme, look & feel.

    Step 3. Log into WordPress, the admin panel.

    Step 4. Go to Manage –> Import inside the wordpress admin panel

    Step 5. In that screen, select “Blogger”. (You’ll be able to import posts, comments and users from blogspot)

    Step 6. Allow your wordpress installation to be “authorized” by blogspot (Just click the authorize button) and follow instructions.

    Of course, there may be other steps along the way that stop or confuse you … drop me a mail and I’ll be glad to help.

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