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Even Celebrities Reply To Emails!

Mar 19th, 2007 | By | Category: Conversion Strategies, Entrepreneurship, Website Branding

Last week, something interesting happened.

Usually, I read a lot of blogs, I’m on a chosen few email lists and rarely personally email other bloggers & marketers.

But I do leave comments whenever I have interesting thoughts …

And recently two celebrities – Jeff Walker and Avinash Kaushik actually replied to my emails!

Avinash Kaushik of Occam’s Razor

First, I was surfing my usual catalogue of Web Analytics blogs. As you may or may not know, web analytics is one of my favourite topics (the first thing I do when I take on a new project is install Google Analytics).

And probably the biggest celebrity of web analytics is Avinash Kaushik (He was the head of online marketing at Intuit, makers of Quicken). He’s just finished publishing his book “Web Analytics: An Hour A Day“. And he runs a blog called Occam’s Razor

Two weeks ago, he announce to the world that he’s leaving Intuit. He’ll become an independent consultant, and one of his first projects would be to be an evangelist for Google (probably encouraging people to opt for their free analytics tool – Google Analytics)

On his post about the topic, he discussed some of his dreams and fears about leaving a corporate culture and going out on his own. Obviously, I can’t compare his experience to mine … but I did have a few words of encouragement for him to start up – and I posted them on my blog. Here’s what I said …

(From the shoes of an Independent Consultant)

The grass is definitely greener on this side! The fun of being able to do many interesting projects in different areas, and being seen as an expert makes it much more rewarding than a fixed position :)

The hardest challenge is to ensure cashflow … but with your reputation preceding you, your book coming out soon and so many opportunities, I’m sure you’ll have no trouble on that front.

Good luck Avinash … Every other practitioner out there will be waiting for your next post!

And then I forgot about the whole situation.

A few days later, I got a thank you note from him – how sweet! That post of his had FIFTY SEVEN different comments and he took the time to reply personally to them :)

I know I know, sounds kind of silly … but it is really shocking when someone you admire and read, actually replies to an email personally! He’s a real gentleman, marketer and nice guy … and I really wish him the best of luck in his new life.

Please go visit his blog and add his RSS feed to your Google Reader

OK, next celebrity.

Jeff Walker of Product Launch Formula fame

Then, a few days later I got an autoresponder message from Jeff Walker. For those of you who don’t know who Jeff Walker is … he is one of the world’s biggest Internet Marketing Teachers. His specialization is business strategies (especially product launches) and he sells millions of dollars of his course – Product Launch Formula.

Now, he is one of three email lists I’m on. That’s it – just three (the other two are John Reese and Perry Marshall). So, you can tell that I really respect online marketers to pick only three of them to reach my inbox.

Anyway, back to his email. The message was very cryptic (almost seemed like a mistake). It’s subject line was “holding spot message”. So I replied to it too, thinking it would just be another message in Jeff’s inbox.

And Jeff replied to it within 4 hours! This guy, who’s famous for holing away in a cabin somewhere in mountainous America actually took a few seconds to read my message and reply back … totally awesome :D

The Lesson For Me – More more more Contact

There was an important lesson here for me. First, when I subscribe to blogs or emails of someone I admire … I should have the courage to express my opinion. They WANT a discussion and community around their messages, and I should be part of that.

Second, for my own lists I need to have more personal contact with my subscribers (don’t worry, none of you are on my list … my e-businesses are not in the online marketing/web testing niche yet)

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