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Mi Casa, Su Casa!

Jan 5th, 2007 | By | Category: This Site, Website Branding

Hello and welcome to the brand new! If this is the only post you are seeing, then … Congratulations for being one of the first ones here!

I haven’t marketed the launch of the new website ANYWHERE (not even on my other sites) … so, you must’ve stumbled here just because you love me :)

I’ve recently upgraded this site – changed the aesthetics, included a new blog and generally done a lot of touch up. And over the next few months, I’ll be talking on this blog about marketing issues close to my heart – website design, pay per click marketing, sales copywriting, web content generation and how to make a website that converts most of your visitors to dollars.

In the meantime, enjoy these screenshots of the OLD and NEW

Old and New websites of

Doesn’t the new one look pretty? (Say yes and leave your comments here, ok?)

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