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Freaking Cool Weekend!

Jul 4th, 2006 | By | Category: Personal Stories

My weekend started on Friday afternoon when my sister gave me a call – she made it to SMU!!! Yipeeee … I hadn’t expected her to come to SMU since she’d already joined another college in India … but now that she’s making it, I’m so happy for her! Coming out and seeing a new country is so much better than rotting for 4 more years in Bangalore.

Then right around that time, I went down to the NUS Business Incubators, signed the final papers … and got my first real office! I was getting sick of working at home (although I’m working from home today), and even more embarrassed about being woken up by my interns! It’s a pretty nice office … comfortably seats 6 and there’s enough space to walk around and keep white boards too.

Friday evening was a nice networking session. Met a lot of cool companies … although with the excitement of getting an office and hearing the news about my sister’s SMU admission … my mind wasn’t really there. And there was something else waiting for me at home ….


On friday night, I finally swapped rooms with one of my homies, and I got my hands on the master bedroom =). It’ll cost me a little more, but the change of environment is well worth it! I finally have an attached bathroom, my room overlooks the swimming pool, more closet space (anyone wanna come out of the closet?), and fancy cabinets to show off my book collection.

I spent all of friday night cleaning and redecorating my new room. (Although the lights are a little dim here … does anyone know where I can get a standing lamp that has blue light? Ikea just seemed to have a lot of yellow lamps).

I LOVE CLEANING! And I love organizing and decorating … (Yes, I know some would call that freaky).

Was up till 5AM on friday night to do this stuff.

Woke up around 11AM … and rushed off to an NOC (NUS Overseas Colleges in Silicon Valley, Bio Valley (Philadelphia), Shanghai, Stolkholm etc) Alumni gathering. The new batch of kids is flying off this week and I went down there to share some experiences and tell them how to enjoy their time in Philly best.

It was pretty fun … saw some old friends (HY, Ramya, Praveen & the SV gang … by the way Praveen, congrats on the awesome promotion dude!) … and made some new ones. I finished there about 4 … and went down to office after that. Worked for a little bit, got bored … and so I went down to explore the Dover area. Picked up some dinner (The Aloo parathas there are still the best!).

Then, on a whim, I went down to Ikea (I wanted to find that blue lamp, remember?). Ended up being a wasted trip … Ikea doesn’t carry any blue light bulbs or tube lights (Side note, just went down to Courts and actually did find a blue bulb or two … so, now I have different color lighting for the living room … and different color for the gym area … cool, yeah?!)

Anyway, I think that was about it for Saturday. Came home, organized my new room some more … made a few phone calls to keep myself busy, continued writing my book … and went to bed.

Oh no, wait … I forgot another interesting episode. After my room saw the wrath of the brutal redecorter inside of me … It was the living room’s turn. We’ve had this house for a year, and I wasn’t really happy with the look and feel.

And several hours of work ensued. I took apart Ravish’s bed (He had the kids room … and there were huge portraits of minnie mouse on the bedstand). Several screws & hammers later, his bed is now clear of all signs of disney characters!

(We did use the minnie mouse in an interesting way … by perching her on our balcony. Now, noone who comes to our condo should have any problem identifying our place :D )

Next, it was the turn of the living room. I turned it upside down … moved the dining table, iron table, shoe rack, cabinets, study tables, lamps, gym & yoga equipment to achieve a brand new look. Feng Shui me … this place looks nice and open now.

Sunday was mostly spent lazily. Woke up late, went out late evening to get dinner and talk to random strangers at book stores, clothes shops and everywhere else (more about that later, I think I’m losing my shyness about talking to strangers :D )

Phew … actually a lot more happened on monday and tuesday … but I’ll leave that for another day.

Sunday morning … I woke up motivated again! This time, it was the living room’s

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