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Funny funny wordpress …

Nov 6th, 2006 | By | Category: This Site, Website Branding

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been trying out different blog templates over the past month. I got kinda bored with the original theme that comes with wordpress and was hoping to find something better.

So, after 8 different templates I’ve settled on one that I like. (Even though some of my friends don’t like it as much as the original one).

For comparison’s sake, here are screenshots of the old theme (version A)

Old Blog Theme - WordPress original

… and new theme (version B).

New Blog Theme - Fresh! (Customized with a Grand Canyon Picture taken by me)

The original (Fresh!) theme doesn’t quite look like this … in fact, it has a whole lot of bright blue, violet and orange colors … but to mellow it down, I mixed it a little bit with my own photography.

The current picture on the heading is “Sunrise At The Canyon” … a picture taken by my trustworthy Sony Camera in late 2004 … An early morning sunrise at the Grand Canyon. It’s one of my favourite pictures for the different shades of sunlight captured by the camera.

And despite the great colours on this picture … it still doesn’t capture the vast beauty of the Grand Canyon. I swear, the first time you see it with the naked eye … you just go “Damn! That’s gorgeous” … no picture can capture that kind of an effect.

Sunrise At The Grand Canyon (Taken by Rachit Dayal, 2004)

Anyway, back to the heading of this post.

So, I customize this theme and deploy it. And I come back in the morning, and wordpress has mysteriously changed the theme back to the old one!

And I deploy it again. And the next morning, it’s changed back again!

I guess wordpress isn’t too fond of my theme, huh? Anyway, while I go figure that out … I’d love your comments on what you want to see on the blog … and how much you like the new template :)

So how, you love the new template, right? (Say yes)

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  1. I like! It nice :)

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