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Ha! I feel so important :D

Jul 28th, 2006 | By | Category: Entrepreneurship, Personal Stories

Just got an email from the CFO of an old company I worked for … they are getting another huge round of funding … and need me (as a shareholder!) to approve the process.

Hehehe … I can’t reveal the exact figures (due to confidentiality), but I do own a rather tiny percentage of that company :D . Sigh … some day, those shares will be in the Yahoo/Microsoft range … and I’ll make myself a nifty little profit :D

Anyway, these legal documents are crazy! Just speed-read through 150 pages of agreements, legal jargon, financial figures and more.

On the sad side, this means I’ll have to make a trip down to office on saturday or sunday … print & sign those documents … and then scan/fax/mail them over asap. And since I’m gonna be in office, I’m sure I’ll be drawn towards finishing some work that’s hanging around … sigh, there goes the dream of an easy weekend :D

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