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Happy Chinese New Year … Now Let’s Plan For The Future!

Feb 20th, 2007 | By | Category: Motivation, News & Updates, NLP, Peace, Personal Stories

Before I begin, let me get the usual rants out of the way. Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

(If you live outside of Singapore, then you ought to know that it’s the start of the new year for chinese – and it’s the year of the pig. We had a very long weekend, Saturday to Tuesday this weekend.)

I totally wasted this long weekend – and I feel great about it! I started the weekend on Friday night by eating steamboat and playing cards at Tracy’s place with the coaching gang.

Saturday and Sunday were fun, but nothing notable. Went out on Saturday for dinner with some friends … ate Indian food to celebrate the chinese new year! Man, that restaurant was so happening.

Crazy Restaurant & Unity Among People

At that restaurant, the waiter was overwhelmed with the amount of orders. The table next to us had a grandpa, grandma, son and grandson waiting for their 3 small orders … for over an hour!

We were 5 guys, and all our food came relatively quickly (15 minutes). But seeing the plight of the family next to us, the entire restaurant ganged up together and started shouting at the waiter. Some people (whose food came before the family) even gave away their dishes and insisted that they eat first.

What camaraderie!

Anyway, that was Saturday. We returned around midnight and then a few more guys came over. The rest of the night was spent watching the latest episodes of 24 and Heroes … The latest seasons of both are super exciting!

A Sports-Filled Sunday

Sunday started very very late. I woke up around 1. Had a quick lunch at home from some ready-made food. On another random thought, I remember myself a few months ago when I was working from home … I used to be super healthy! Used to cook at least 3-4 times a week and eat healthy in every meal. Reminder to self, this year I need to find more healthy places to eat.

Anyway, back to my Sunday. By the time I finished lunch and a bath, it was evening. And the evening was spent playing lots of sports.

At the end of 2 hours of tennis … we realized that we weren’t really spent yet. So, we went for a long jog at the Bukit Batok Nature Park … it’s a very nice trail near my house, with hills, lakes and lots of trees. Fun.

About Goals, Values & Visions

During our jog (C-dawg, NJ and me) we were discussing goals and visions. I insisted that its important to know where you’re going … to have a 5/10 year vision and use that to guide our actions for all that time.

NJ was of the view that we can’t really have concrete goals, only ideas of where to go. Because life changes too much and the ability to be flexible is critical.

Here’s my view – if you don’t decide where you’re going, the world will push you around and take you where they want you to go. So, personally I have a 10 year vision … and all my short-term goals and actions are tuned to that.

I’ve also evaluated my values again and again. Values are more abstract things like happiness, recognition, money, health, sex etc that drive us (unlike goals which are much more specific). And values change over time

My Values Changed A Lot Over Time

When I first went through this process of introspection, my main value was something I was running away from.

2 years ago, my main value was a hate of mediocrity.

I used to picture myself sitting inside Accenture (sorry accenture employees), having my own cozy cubicle and doing programming for a 2.5K salary. That picture used to repulse me soooo much. And I guess it all makes sense, because I was starting my business back then.

Nowadays, I don’t hate mediocrity so much. After struggling with running a business for over a year, a cushy 9-5 job sounds very tempting!

Nowadays my primary driving value is calmness.

That’s why every single day, do my best to balance my life and ensure stability so that I can be calm about my future.

Are Your Goals & Values Aligned?

During this discussion, we talked about how to align our goals & values. Why? Because we need to be passionate and comfortable (values) with the path we’re choosing (goals).

So if one of your main values is flexibility and agility, then don’t sign into a job with a six year contract.

If one of your main values is “Easy Lifestyle”, then don’t get into commodities trading or some other 120 hour job.

And if your value is excellence, make a plan to rise to the top of your organization or start your own organization.

As a coach, one of my main tasks is to ensure that my clients have this base covered … and their goals are in the right direction. If you need to discuss your goals or values … just leave a comment here or email me and I can help you sort some things out, yeah?

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  1. hey dude..nice one on vision n goals..infact just had a nice chat on that with rai sahab at starbucks this evening…i think very important to know or have an idea of “where you want to be”..a more realistic dream/wishlist…the “how to get there” part can vary and agree with NJ that one needs to be flexible there..but one must definitely have a long term intention of where one wants to be else very easy to lose focus and drift…

  2. My 2 cents worth on my blog on the same issue

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