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Hello E27 Singapore – version 4.0!

Feb 15th, 2007 | By | Category: Entrepreneurship, News & Updates, Personal Stories, Technology Brands, Website Branding

Today is E27.

In case you don’t know what that means, let me explain things a little bit to you. E27 stands for Entrepreneur 27, it’s an informal organization of enterprising young people who promise to change the world before 27.

Well, 27 is close to it anyway … we’re flexible enough to accept people around that age ;) . It was started a year back by Bjorn – my buddy from NUS’s Overseas Colleges program.

The concept of E27 is pretty unique – that of an “unconference”. Where there’s no fixed agenda, just a guideline. As people pile into the rooms the discussions get more lively and change themselves – very Web 2.0 ish, yeah?

There are about 3-4 of these events each year – and this is the fourth edition. I think I blogged about the last E27 meetup on my personal blog … will dig up a link if anyone requests it.

Today will be the 4th edition of E27 – And the main theme today was “You Are The Media“.


I had actually blocked out today’s evening for E27, even though it was clashing with another important event (POE booster). I figured I’d drop by E27, geek out for a little bit … and then head over to coach at POE (Patterns of Excellence – A motivational program where I coach people on success & happiness strategies).

But I just remembered – I hadn’t registered for E27!! And when dropped by their wiki, I saw the message saying that registration was closed up.

Oh well, my laziness solved one more problem for me. I’m not welcome at E27 :(
But seriously, having so many people sign up that others are left out … is a high quality problem to have! Great work E27 team, keep it up.

I guess I can just head to my other event without worrying about time management. But I will miss the geeky hanging out, cracking jokes and discussing the world like we’re actually gonna change it tomorrow :P .

Last E27 was great fun – a bunch of fun discussions and eating/drinking at the SMU Kopitiam till the wee hours of the morning (Remember that? Bjorn, Justin, Vinod, Royston, Michelle & Gwen were around with the whole SMU gang). I’m sure this one will be even better.

But since I won’t see you guys tonight, here’s a shout out to all the people I was planning to hang with – Bjorn, Justin, Vinod, Royston, Michelle, Manas, Prashant, Gwen, Mingyou, C-Dawg, Arun Thampi, Wei Sheng, Darius, Yiping, Ravi Bhushan, Malay, Anupama, Todd Murray, Harro & Wee Kiat.

Catch y’all next time, yeah?

In the meantime, here’re some interesting links for you (the media?) …

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