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How To Write A Good Non-Salesy Webpage that SELLS!

May 12th, 2006 | By | Category: Copywriting

I was just expanding my website and I wanted to add a few more pages to the site … but instead of just randomly typing it out, I now want to do it in an organized fashion.

So, just like all the marketing books I’ve read out there … I’m going to ask myself some questions, and answer them before writing each page … and that should improve the quality of these pages a lot! So, without further ado … let’s find out

How to write a good webpage

1. Who is the audience for this page? Do we have a location? Sex? Age group?

2. What are the biggest concerns on the mind of an ideal visitor? Personal problems? Office issues? Marketing? Finance?

3. What is the one action I want the reader to take after reading this page?

So, in my mind … these should be the most important things to think about … before writing any web page …

Just to give you a demonstration … I want to write a page for the free white papers I produce … and I want to follow this procedure to write a better page

1. Who is the audience? My audience is U.S. & Singapore based executives between 30 and 45 years of age … These guys are either CEO’s/Senior management … or decision makers in the Marketing departments of their companies.
2. What are the biggest concerns on their mind? Some of their major concerns could be
- Are they losing ground to their competitors on the internet?
- Do they really understand Internet Marketing in general and Search (PPC) Advertising specifically?
- Can they get a positive ROI on their PPC marketing investments?
- Do they have to work as hard as this week for the next few years?
- Is their staff capable enough to handling all the tasks given to them?
- Are they being creative enough in their marketing?
- How are they going to sell more of their products & services this month?
- Do they have the time to learn anything after being stuck in admin, finance, marketing, sales, R&D and so many more issues …

3. What is the one action I want them to take? I want them to download my white paper and join that mailing list for more information … info that they can use to make informed decisions about their PPC advertising.

Wallah! That’s all there is to it … I’m off to write that page then … Will edit this page when I’m done writing it.

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  1. You are really all around.

    Keep on writing!


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