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I Need My Blog!

Jul 18th, 2006 | By | Category: Personal Stories

The last week was crazy. 7 Day work weeks. Midnight oil every day. Had two conferences even on Sunday night!

And there was the stress of taking on new projects. While, I enjoy closing deals … I don’t really have the manpower to handle new projects!

Nothing new in my love life … Definitely didn’t have time to keep in touch with old friends … And didn’t meet anyone new. Hell, the only women I saw were the ones in my office!

And there’s been so much stuff in my head. And that brings me to my blog. As you may have read on top of this page … its an experiment in self-therapy for me. I write out all the craziness in my head, so that there’s less of it eating me inside out.

And I can focus on the day’s issues.

Right now, it IS eating me out. So, I’m gonna take the morning off work and just spend it writing on the blog.

Be thankful, I’m gonna give you 10 mins of reading material.

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