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Indian Government blocks Blogspot & more!

Jul 19th, 2006 | By | Category: Personal Stories

Just read the news this morning … over the weekend, the Indian governement forced all the Internet Service Providers to block Blogspot and other major blogging sites!

Jeez, how stupid can they be!

Here’s what happened. The government wanted to block a few blogs for terrorist related activities. And so, very foolishly, they asked all the ISP’s to block those blogs.

Of course, being technologically challenged as they are, I’m sure they didn’t make that clear enough. So, the ISPs went ahead and blocked the entire domains of blogspot. Foolishly, other blog sites like rediff and wordpress were not blocked.

You can expect this kind of nonsense from governments of China, Zimbawae and Iran … but the world’s largest democracy?? That’s bad company to be in …

Over the next few days, you will see the public flaring up … lawsuits being filed against the government for blocking free speech … then the Information Ministry will come up with a lame apology and lift the ban blaming the whole thing on ISPs.

Sigh … when will they ever learn


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