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iPhone In Singapore?

Aug 28th, 2007 | By | Category: Personal Stories, Technology Brands

A few minutes ago, I was in one of my moods … you know, the ones in which you have a strange craving for the iPhone.

I knew it wasn’t coming to Singapore any time soon, but I figured I could spend some time on the site and get my fix on some other apple products instead.

When I first went in there, I noticed a box at the bottom that said iLife ’08 – A Guided Tour

Hell, I’m lusting so much after iPhone that I’ll take anything with an “i” in front of it … so I click the damn button.

And then the introductory video opens up … except, it’s not for ILife ’08 … it’s for iPhone!

(I’ve zoomed into the relevant portions of the above page to prove my point … the logo says “iLife ’08″ … and the video is for the iPhone!

So, is getting ready to announce the iPhone? Is that why an extra iPhone introductory video is roaming around the Apple Singapore website?

Who knows … I sure hope so. I’m eating bread & Jam from now until next year, just so I can afford an iPhone!

Anyway, go watch the video in Small, Medium or Large size here.

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