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(Part 1 of 3) Spice Things Up – Wear Your Left Shoe On The Right Foot

Jun 13th, 2007 | By | Category: Entrepreneurship, Happiness, Motivation, NLP, Personal Development

The following was a speech I gave last night at Pungol Toastmasters Club …

It stemmed from my own experience last weekend, where I took an impromptu visit to Malaysia. At 11PM at night, I took a bus to JB bus stop. Found the next bus to Kuala Lumpur. And wasted one crazy day in a new city before returning back on another bus I took on a whim.

It was fun to be spontaneous. It was fun to be crazy. And it spiced my boring life up a lot.

That that experience made me think of the lesson I’d learnt from this. The kind of advice I could give to everyone. It was a long speech so I’ll break it up into three parts.

Here’s Part 1 … I hope you enjoy it :)

The Story Of The Young Writer Who Did Something Crazy …

There was once a young writer named Cindy Cashman. She was a really bright writer and focussed on self-help books. Her chosen area of self-help was relationships.

Like any good writer, she worked hard and struggled like she was supposed to. Since she had always shown a spark since childhood, she was sure she was meant to do something great.

In the day, she would write great books. In her afternoons, she’d plead with publishers. In the off-chance a book good published, she’d spend her nights doing book tours, signings & promotions.

But things just didn’t take off. As hard as she tried – the normal route wasn’t working for her.

And this went on for over 15 years. In that time, she grew more and more disillusioned of her capabilities. That conversation inside her head grew louder … you know, the one that complains “You’re going down the wrong path. Why are you doing this?”

And as her inner dialogue became more and more vocal, and she couldn’t take it any more – she slammed her hands down the table and said

“Dammit! This can’t be it! It’s time to do something different!!”

And so she did something radical with her book

She decided to write the world’s most outrageous book. She didn’t exactly know what she was doing … but she knew it had to be fun and crazy.

She knew that what she was writing so far was typical … normal … And she had to do something totally different. The difference of day and night. Ying and Yang. Black & White.

After a lot of thinking … she boiled down to the name of the book.

“Everything men know about women”

Wow, that’s a tall ask. How many pages does it take to summarize everything men know about women … ?

The answer = 200. Her book was 200 pages long.

Then, she decided to write it under the pseudo-name of Dr Alan Francis …

Then came the strange part – it was 200 empty pages! She wrote a damn book called “Everything Men Know About Women” and left it empty for 200 page! What an awesome coffee table conversation piece!

Isn’t that the most ridiculous idea you’d ever heard?

Everyone around her told her it was a little cuckoo of her. But she decided to persist down the path of something fun & crazy. Instead of bookstores, she priced the book at $5 and sold it in batches of hundreds to gift shops, where it was likely to be a impulse buy.

That was a totally crazy … And guess what …

It sold over a million copies!

Title of Everything Men Know About Women

What To Do When Life Gets Ya Down …

So, the next time you’re depressed or confused
Lonely, sad, in a rut or bemused
And your courage has run away to a corner & hid,
Think of what Cindy Cashman did

When life gets you down, and your book doesn’t sell,
Do something crazy, do something fun,
If your normal work smells like day, do something different like night,
Wear your right shoe on your left foot, Your left shoe on your right …

(Part 1 of 3 … to be continued next week)

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