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(Part 2 of 3) Nothing To Lose – Wear Your Left Shoe On The Right Foot

Jun 19th, 2007 | By | Category: Entrepreneurship, Happiness, Motivation, NLP, Personal Development, Personal Stories

This is part 2 of a multi-part series on how to shake your life up to shape our life up. Part 1 can be found here.

The Story Of The Old Businessman Who Couldn’t Handle It

This is the story of a guy named James Duwell, I read many years ago. As far as I remember, he used to run a very successful family business in Pennsylvania all his life. The business was based on distributing oil or gas to large suppliers.

All his life, the business seemed to go well. And his life kept in balance and all seemed to be going well.

Then the great economic depression of 1929 happened.

Overnight, the business went downhill. When the depression first hit, people didn’t know it was for the long term … and they kept hoping things would get better.

But things didn’t get better. For James Duwell, life was not good. Almost overnight, all his business was wiped out. He had some assets to survive … but he had gotten used to a certain quality of life.

He just couldn’t imagine life without his successful business. Although he would survive, he just didn’t know what to do when his life was shaken up so much.

Little by little, worry started to take over his life. At first, he felt less energetic. As the weeks passed, he could barely walk without support. A few more weeks out, he was bedridden. He had blisters all over his body and ulcers inside his body.

And of course, he couldn’t drink. And he couldn’t eat.

And one day, the doctor came up and told him – “You have two weeks to live”.

Two weeks. And then the big bright light.

Is This What Life Had Come To?

It suddenly hit James what had become of him. And when it seemed like there was nothing more to life, he decided he had had enough.

If he was going to die, it wasn’t going to be lying in bed … writhing in pain.

The next day, he announced – I’m going to travel the world. If I’m going to die, it is going to be doing fun in strange new lands.

Of course, all his friends and family thought it was a crazy idea. If it was his time to go, he should just accept it and go.

But he still went ahead. Within a week, he was on a ship to the Orient (that’s what they called South East Asia in those days). He’d even made arrangements for a coffin to be present on the ship, in case he died.

But the minute the ship sailed and left the Port of New York … he started feeling better.

The company of vigorous people gave him back his energy.

The salt of the sea air seemed to take away his sickness.

And all that motion and movements even gave him his appetite back!

Soon, he was eating all kinds of strange oriental treats … Imagine that, this man who was supposed to be dead that week, was feeling vigorous and living life again!

What To Do When Everyone Else Pronounces You Dead …

The next time, you lose the very taste of life
Do something crazy do something fun,
Even if you can’t swallow, just for the heck of … “bite”
Wear your right shoe on your left foot, and your left shoe on your right

When life gets you down, and your book doesn’t sell,
Do something crazy, do something fun,
If your day job doesn’t work, do something different at night,
Wear your right shoe on your left foot, Your left shoe on your right …

(Part 2 of 3 … to be concluded in 2 days)

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