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Light Or Dark?

Jan 3rd, 2007 | By | Category: News & Updates, NLP

I saw an interesting personality quiz on Andrew’s Blog and Darren Rowe’s Problogger.

If you were to be a Superhero … which one would you be? What about Supervillain? I took the two quick quizzes, and here were the results …

Which Superhero am I most similar to?
Superman! I was a little disappointed … Superman is so goody-two-shoes … but I guess it’s kinda true, I am more like a calm, strong “Superman” … than a dark, broody “Batman”.

And which Super-villain am I most similar to?
Lex Luthor? Hmmmmm … I dunno about that, I got a whole lot of hair on my head (I specifically told the quiz I’m NOT bald!). Anyway, I am a brilliant businessman :P

But the quizzes do say something … I’m more hero, than villain :D . Andrew’s definitely from the dark side … muhuhahahahaa

Go on … try them yourself, it’s a lot of fun!

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  1. flash and doom :D

  2. cray: that’s scary.
    i got the same results.

    rachit: now you can use your superpowers to beat the payment out of your errant client.

  3. i always knew superman and lex luthor were both sides of the same coin.
    and they have manifest in rachit dayal.

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