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Lots of feelings …

Jul 22nd, 2006 | By | Category: Personal Stories, Public Speaking

Sunday morning, rain is falling ….

Well, not really … but its a nice song anyway :) .

It’s sunday morning, 7AM. What (you may ask) am I doing up at this ungodly hour?

I have my first toastmasters speech in 3 hours! And I’ve only just started preparing for it. Am feeling nervous (can’t help it, there’s always a discomfort before a planned speech), tired (been working day and night), irritated (this toastmasters role has sucked more life out of me than I ever imagined) and generally a whole lot of negative feelings …

But as Alvin would say … “Cancel Cancel Cancel … No time for feeling negative now, maybe later”

So, let me go back and finish this speech about myself.

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  1. Only 1 good way out of all that negativity. Start destroying people’s bullshit using your speech man! It will be the most therapeutic experience those toastmasters will get in years!

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