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Aug 6th, 2006 | By | Category: Personal Stories, Romance

I flew home on saturday morning. Have a whole lot of extended family visiting at home … and twas good fun to catch up with all of them after so long.

But here’s the real reason I flew down …

My brother got engaged today! He and his college sweetheart, fought off two resistent families, let their romance blossom … and finally decided to get married (although he hasn’t proposed to her in a proper manner yet).

(Photos will follow soon). But my new bhabhi (Hindi for sister-in-law) is such a sweetheart! We had been chatting on orkut ever since I found out about the two of them, and I couldn’t have wished for anyone better for my bro.

We had a nice elaborate ceremony with huge extended families coming by and a whole lot of fun, games, singing and celebrations. I got to play the naughty little brother to my new bhabhi and poke a whole lot of fun at her.

They had a very interesting romance … were friends in college for 4 long years. They always liked each other, but never did anything about it … just hanging out in their gang and pretending that it was too early to do anything. Then they started working … at the same company (hail IBM). Romance blossomed over 2 years … and they finally decided to get married.

They had to work really hard to convince both sides parents (there’s a lot of cultural differences in the families). They survived many almost break ups. And they’ve thought about their future together and how they will grow in their personal and professional lives together.

I love them both :)

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