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Making A Site For An Artist

Jun 3rd, 2008 | By | Category: News & Updates, Online Marketing, Website Branding

A few days ago, I was called by someone who found out I was in the web business. She’s an offline graphic artist – A painter for those who speak english :) . Clearly, she was excited about having a website and told me she wanted to have a website to display her paintings online.

Now, in the old days that would’ve meant a tedious HTML concoction which I would have to update every time she had a new painting. But in the new world, my job has become very simple. Blogs have evolved into “Photo Blogs” … blogs specifically for the purpose of showing off photos. And I thought this is perfect for a painter showing off her photos.

As I dealt deeper, here was the criteria she wanted for her site:

  • Simple site to display her paintings
  • She should be able to update it herself
  • Have pages like “About Me” or “Contact Me” for her profile
  • Display full sized images if people click on thumbnails

She was willing to leave all the design issues to me, so I went ahead and deployed one of my favorite photo blog templates, did a little bit of logo customization, uploaded her content and wallah! We have a brand new website.

(Okay you got me, there were a lot of little steps like hosting setup, domain setup, wordpress setup, template customization, testing plugins, proof-reading content, bla bla bla … but if I had typed them out, it would have taken the “wallah” magic away from the paragraph :P )

Overall, it’s a simple effective website that works pretty well … check it out (click on the image below). by Rachit Dayal

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