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Miss Bikini Reef!

Jul 27th, 2006 | By | Category: Personal Stories

Came to office early today … so killed some time by listening to the Mutton Boys on 987fm and reading the paper. Those Justin and Vernon guys are too funny … always crack me up with their Singlish and so very singaporean anecdotes :D

Anyway, noticed in the paper … that there was a bikini contest on Stomp. Since I had nothing better to do, I headed down to their

website and checked out all the contestents.So, here are my favourite contestents in order.

Rachit's favourite Bikini babes
As you can see … my biases are pretty clear – smile comes first!

Unfortunately … Singapore doesn’t agree with my choices :( . My favourite Clare finished a close second behind Michelle (my number 4 choice). I guess Singapore prefers the sly “slutty” look :P .

Feel free to vote through your comments … I’d love to hear who agrees with my choices!

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  1. eeeww…amelda and michelle has big tummies!!!

  2. Hey! Michelle won you know … damn, that sucks …

    I was rooting for Clara all along … sigh …

  3. hi, this is pebbles here. any idea how to apply for Miss Reef Bikini Contest 2007?

  4. Hey Pebbles,

    If you send over some pictures of yourself for this blog’s readers … I’m sure we will go the extra mile and make sure you’re entered into the contest :D (and vote for you too ;) )… what do you say?

    (Gang, nod your head and assure pebbles that she will be rooted for!)

  5. well… i dun mind… but… how do i attached my pictures?

  6. Just email them over to Ooooh and send a personal message from you to the readers too … then gimme 24 hours to write a post about you on the blog.

    On that blog post, I’ll ask people if anyone knows when the next bikini contest is … and they can talk back and share their info on the contest you want :)

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