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Movie Review – Cars!

Jun 25th, 2006 | By | Category: Personal Stories

(Here’s an old post I’ve been wanting to write for a long time)

So, a few weeks ago, I saw Cars. My sis was in town, and we needed to pass time one evening. Cars had just released that day, and we found a seat on a digital showing of the movie.

First a disclaimer – I wasn’t particularly attracted to the movie until that

point. The trailor looked pretty generic, I don’t really like cars per se and this movie didn’t sound as exciting as the last few pixar animations(finding nemo, incredibles etc).

So, when I went into the movie … I was more interested in seeing my first movie in a digital print … than Cars by itself.

When the movie started off, it was pretty normal. The graphics were pretty damn cool (It looked like a real NASCAR track, honest) and I liked thevoices of the cars (Owen Wilson cracks me up every time) … but the initial story was pretty normal. There was just enough excitement to keep me in my seat.

But as we went further and further into the movie, it got better and better!

You see, the story isn’t really that great. It’s a typical 1970s movie …successful guy gets lost in the country, learns about the slow life and starts to love it … rediscovers himself in the process.

But the way they’ve made it is amazing! Each of the cars has such a great personality that you forget they’re vehicles. You can feel their emotions and fall in love with their lives. I won’t kill too much of the story, but please please go catch it. It’ll be well worth the $9.50 … and you might even learn a thing or two about yourself.

I especially loved the part of the story set in the middle of nowhere.There’s a love story set in the middle of gorgeous canyons, calming waterfalls and old American country. Makes me think back to my trip of the Grand Canyon … the sights and sounds there just remind me of such amazing feelings (I guess I used to anchor even when I didn’t know it!).

So, see the movie. See it for the amazing graphics. See it for the wonderful characters you’ll come to love. See it for the hidden lessons about how we should handle our own busy lives and balance them with the need for happiness, calm and ambition.

Oh, and let me know if you’re going … if our schedules match, I wouldn’t mind a second viewing :)

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