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Movie Review – Superman Returns!

Jun 29th, 2006 | By | Category: Personal Stories

This review may be a little unpopular. I was …. ummm …. “underwhelmed” by Superman Returns.

I really wanted to link this movie … I swear! I’d been reading every single review for the last two weeks … watching the trailor again & again … and even got first day, first show tickets.

And the reviews were really glowing. Almost every major publication gave it thumbs up … calling it a masterpiece … and a poignant movie.

Well, it isn’t. It is a little too dreamy (after you’ve seen wonderful action flicks like Spidey 2 or X-Men 2, with their great story lines, twists & turns and fantastic acting), Bryan Singer attempts to do too little in this movie.

The story is really simple. I mean really really simple. The twist at the end is really lame, you can see it coming from miles away and it basically just sets up the sequel to this movie. Lex Luthor’s evil plan doesn’t seem all that evil. Superman’s 5 year absense wasn’t taken much use of (he basically comes back and starts saving everyone, there’s one sequence with Lex Luthor and the movie ends). The angle with Lois and her son was done reasonably well though. And the whole movie looks dark … I mean, did I step into Batman by mistake?? It’s superman, make it funny, make it charming, make it inspirational dammit.

The acting is sub-par. Brandon Routh doesn’t have the charm or the authority of other Supermans (Christopher Reeve was awesome … but even Tom Welling of Smallville would’ve been better than this). His job in the whole movie is just to look emotionless … and he manages it well. The actress who plays Lois Lane doesn’t convey the depth of the love struggle between herself and superman. Her kid is probably the best actor of the movie! Kevin Spacey is good … but he really can’t do much, given the lack of depth to his character.

The action sequences are good (especially the end of the plane saving sequence … don’t squel, I didn’t spoil anything for you … Superman always saves the day anyway). But the bar has been set too high with recent summer blockbusters of the Matrixes, Spidermans and X-Mens. They could’ve done so much more with superman (damn, he’s superman! You can have all kinds of action and he would surive it artistically). While the CGI is better than the Matrixes of 4 years ago … it’s still nothing we’ve never seen before.
Admittedly, most of my qualms are because of the early reviews. They hyped up the movie so much, that was hoping for it to replace Spiderman 2 as my favourite comic movie of all that times. Well, that won’t happen. The Spiderman, X-Men and Batman movies have set the bar too high. The action could’ve been much more spectacular. The story could’ve had more twists and sub-plots. The actors should’ve shown a lot more emotion (and had a better story to play with). And the whole thing could’ve been more modern (think Smallville), fast paced (think Spiderman 2) and darker in character (X-men or Batman Begins).

So, in summary … it’s not as much fun as some of the summer blockbusters of last few years. But it is a good movie nonetheless. It’s worth 10 bucks. Go in the theatre with low expectations and you’ll probably enjoy the movie.

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