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My Love Life …

Jul 8th, 2006 | By | Category: Personal Stories, Romance

Why I was feeling blue …
Last night, two close friends of mine took me aside to check if I was feeling normal. Apparently, they thought I had a lot on my mind and my mind was somewhere far away from the party I was at.

They were right. So, to get some things off my chest (Hey, this is supposed to be a self-therapeutic blog after all!), I’m going to rattle out a few posts about the stuff in my head … starting with my love life.

Last week was rather interesting …

There was the one special girl (isn’t there always one of those?) … let’s all her Ms A. She told me she wasn’t quite ready to start an adventure with me yet.

A’s response midlly turned me off. I know she’ll probably feel awkward around me for a while, and she thinks she’s not going to like me “that” way, and that she’s going to be wasting plenty of her brain neurons justifying the situation to herself.

But I have a gut feeling … call it faith … That true love will find a way :) . That things will turn just the way I told her … where we ride on a magic carpet and take on adventures neither of us ever imagined (And I know she’s going to read this paragraph twice).

Someone very close to my heart told me a few years ago … that we all have 5 soulmates in the world. And we will meet all of them … and know that they’re meant for us. And once that happens … nothing can come in the way of that union :) .

Sometimes it happens at the age of 25. Sometimes, at the age of 75. Sometimes it happens in the form of a long-lasting marriage. Sometimes it happens in the form of an unspoken comfort between just those two people.

So … I’m not worried. Once I found one of these 5 … I’m sure things will work out just great … I’ll just have to remain charming … (and my soulmates will have to keep resisting the charm) :D

Then there is this other sweet girl … let’s call her Ms B. Her feelings for me are becoming more and more obvious every time I see her.

Over the past few weeks, she’s gotten more and more direct with her “hints”. I guess she’s hoping that one of these days I’ll catch those hints, invite her home and chemistry will ensue.

And there’s a part of me that’s egging me to actually do it! Move things forward, close the deal etc.

But most of me doesn’t want to do it. It doesn’t want to start a relationship, or have a quickie just for the heck of it. Hell, the best part of a relationship is the morning after … where you can wake up looking at the sunlight shining on your partner’s gorgeous face.

I just don’t feel that way about Ms B … So, I’m not going to lead her on. I’ll just ignore her clues and keep travelling on my journey of making more interesting friends.

There were several fun chicks Ms C, Ms D, Ms E, Ms F etc … whom I met with, had nice flirty chats … and made plans for later.

Been a little distracted with Ms A, Ms B and work … so I guess I wasn’t at my fully charming best this week. But I suppose I have plenty of coffee slots free next week … so I’m gonna give them calls and enjoy some stimulating conversation with them :)

And then there was an old flame Ms Z … that I started thinking about. Nothing in particular … just some lucid day dreaming …
(I know I know … this post isn’t exactly coherent. But I’m sure you’ll appreciate the courage I’m showing by spilling my guts on this very personal topic … and cut me a break, right? :) )

There are some special people … who might find themselves reading this post several times … over several days. There are hidden messages they’ll find in here … ones that might make you think a little about what you value in a partner. And maybe my views on how love will eventually find a way … will cheer you up and change your mood :) .
To everyone else, if you find me moody this week … now you know why. I’m sure you’ve had weeks like this, so just be supportive and do me a favour by introducing me to more gorgeous ladies :D

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