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My One Week Anniversary …

Aug 13th, 2006 | By | Category: Personal Stories, Website Branding

It’s been an interesting week. Sometimes I feel excited & encouraged. Sometimes, I feel tense and stressed. But it’s been enriching.

Has it really been a week? … My dear …


Yes, this last week I decided to get rid of my addiction … to the Internet.

Haven’t read a blog in a week.

Haven’t visited a forum in a week.

Haven’t been to Google News for more than 5 minutes a day.

Haven’t been reading all my emails. Just the important ones and deleting all the rest.

Phew … Am itching to read all the old blogs, spend more time reading news, chat up at the forums, read all the jokes & newsletters lying in my Trash folder. But I think I’m begining to get the hang of it … maybe I’ll just stay off that stuff permanently.

Thanks to swearing off the internet … I got to do a lot of interesting things this week.

Got to hang out with a lot of relatives I hadn’t seen in a while.

Took my sweet cuz bros & sisters shopping.

Went to the markets of Bangalore myself … and walked around aimlessly (my credit card will disagree … but I digress).

Spend time with mommy & daddy (even took them to a movie today). And just rested and healed (my pimples & dark circles are receding).

To everyone reading this blog … get off the juice man! Go to a garden & smell the flowers. Buy 6 books and finish them all in a week. There’s more to life than the Internet.

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  1. there is life beyond the internet?
    no! you lie!

    good to have you back

  2. Hahaha … you damn junkie! Call the cops people :D

  3. Hey every1

    BTW, I’d never heard of this idea

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