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The New AdWords Interface 3.0 – 7 things I Like About It & 5 Things I Don’t!

Mar 26th, 2009 | By | Category: Analytics & Testing, Google AdWords, Motivation, News & Updates, NLP, Website Branding

Google AdWords is making huge changes under the hood as we speak. A few minutes ago, they announced a brand new interface at the SES NY. It’s been in internal testing for several months, and some agencies in the UK have been testing it since Feb. It’s Ajaxy, and very much like the desktop software (Adwords Editor).

Overall, it’s more useful and my impressions are positive – Although there are things that make me uncomfortable – keep reading to find out what.

In this post, I’ll outline the changes that have happened in the Interface and a pretty honest review of the system. Over the next 21 days, I’ll be posting 21 articles on working with the New Interface – a brand new series on – How AdWords Interface 3.0 differs from the old edition, and how to use it with the new Google Analytics & Website Optimizer .

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And here’s also a nice official video outlining the some of the changes – it’s glossy, like most Google marketing these days:

On to the Main Event – The Review of the AdWords Interface 3.0

Now, keep in mind that these are my early comments. I’ve taken a basic view of the interface, played around for a little bit – but my thoughts are not yet comprehensive. I’ll be test driving it very comprehensively over the next 21 days, remember to subscribe to RSS, Email or Twitter as I tear the new interface apart and lay out its pros and cons.

So, in no particular order, here’re my early thoughts on the AdWords Interace 3.0 (these are the things that I’m ambivalent about)

  • It’s very Ajaxy. Much like Gmail was in its early days.
  • But unlike the early Gmail, this interface makes me a little bit uncomfortable.
  • Maybe it’s because the background white has changed to gray/blue. And the nav has changed to a less subtle green. I’m sure they tested it, but I don’t like :P
  • It’s very very similar to the AdWords Editor 6.0 I’m using on Windows right now. In terms of look AND functionality.
  • On the video, they’ve been touting speed a lot. For me, the loading was slower than my regular AdWords. Hopefully, that’s a launch bug – Hope Ajax makes it faster.
  • The number of things you can do with the interface HAS GROWN TREMENDOUSLY. From advanced reporting, filters, graphs, in-line editing and more – there is much more you can do.
  • The base functional utility has NOT changed significantly. You can still find a way to do everything you used to do. But pretty much everything has been moved around. Old AdWords Consultants users WILL require some re-training.

Top 7 Things I Like About The AdWords Interface 3.0

  1. Easier Account Navigation: Instead of the old way (click on the campaign, wait for 5 seconds, click on the ad group, wait for 5 seconds) … the new way contains all the information in one page. If they fix the speed issue, this will save at least half in hour in my day’s work.
  2. Analytics-like Reports: If there is one thing people like about Google Analytics, it’s the pretty looking reports. They seem to be using the same graph library in AdWords now – reports look good, and are very insightful.
  3. In Line Editing: Now, if you want to make changes to keywords, ads, bids or placements – you can do it right there! Thanks to the magic of AJAX, no more 3 extra pages loading for a simple change.
  4. Campaign Level Views: In the old days, if you just wanted to analyze your top performing keywords and ads – you’d have to run a report, go back and navigate the campaigns & ad groups. Now, you can just do everything at an Account or campaign level – Thank god it’s arrived!
  5. Filtering Kicks Ass: If you want to just look at all the keywords that have a CPC of more than $1 or Conversion Rate of less than 2%, you can set up an immediate filter and see your data change. Quick disclaimer – This is NOT like the Google Analytics Filters, it’s almost exactly like Google Analytics Advanced Segments Feature – just changing the view of the data.
  6. Automatic vs Managed Placements: In the older interface, when you switched to the Placements tab inside an ad group, all the placements would show up in the same place. Now, there are different results for managed placements (sites you chose to show on) and automatic placements (sites google chose because of your keywords).
  7. New Ad Creation Interface: It’s considerably cleaner looking than the older interface. Down here, they’ve used the shading of green vs gray vs white very well.

Although, I’m a little thrown off by the speed of the beta interface, the features they’ve introduced are pretty revolutionary in terms of ad management.

Among the 7 things I mentioned on top, some of them were already available through the desktop AdWords editor (easier account navigation, in line editing).

But some of the features are so kick-ass they haven’t appeared anywhere before. While Google Analytics Consultant have had the fancy reports and Advanced Segmentation (called filtering in AdWords). These things are pretty revolutionary when it comes to AdWords.

  • If you’re doing Google AdWords Management for your own project, the amount of insight you can get now has grown tremendously – and you’ll be spending much less time on it.
  • If you’re doing Google AdWords Consulting for a client or company, the quality of reporting you can provide now has beautified quite a bit. Your boss/client will now be much more pleased with the money they’re spending.

Final Comments – How to work with the new AdWords Interface

Over then next three months, this interface will be slowly rolled out to all customers around the world (I think July is when everyone should have it). Until then, if you’re invited, you can choose to stay on the Previous interface.

But this new interface will be a very powerful tool for those who use it. In fact, I’m pretty sure that your accounts will be better optimized that your competitors if you’re using this new Interface 3.0. I’m going to be diving in and learning the interface – I suggest you do the same.

And a shameless plug here. On April 17th, 25th and 26th 2009 – I’ll be conducting an SEO training. In that, we’ll spend almost a whole day going over the new Interface, and making sure you’re prepared for all the changes. Of course, we’ll focus on much more – tickets start from just S$195, and head over to to learn more about the Social Media Training.

Seriously, go to that site. Watch the videos from the last run. You’ll be glad you came, learnt all this new stuff and actually implemented it in the space of just three days. Again, that’s (if you like typical website) or (if you like sales letters).

Other than that – please leave your comments below. Have you got access to the new interface?  Do you use Google AdWords in Singapore regularly? What did YOU think of these changes?

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  1. Better filtering looks interesting. I will say this for Google; they give a lot of info away for free. Makes you wonder what they’re _not_ letting us see ;)

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