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NLP Persuasion Demonstration – How To Induce Amnesia, Open-Eye Trance & Easy Anchoring

Apr 17th, 2007 | By | Category: NLP

A few weeks ago, I got this free video tip over at the Speed Seduction members-only newsletter. And it was so damn amazing I promised myself I just HAD to blog about it …

So, this post is meant for everyone who’s ever wanted to be a more “stealthy” & adventurous communicator.

Everyone who’s been curious about the secret influence language of NLP, Master NLP, Hypnosis Singapore … and all the covert stuff that NLP practioners probably try on you.

Here’s your chance. Today’s I’m gonna take a peek into the mind of a influence genius … a guy who can introduce amnesia in just a few minutes … who can influence people to want what he wants (that kind of power will be useful in any kind of job or relationship?)

(On a side note, this tutorial is especially written for the coaches and participants of Patterns of Excellence module 2 … please bring your adventurous NLP sides to the event tomorrow, ok?)

Here’s how this tutorial works

This tutorial will take approximately 12-15 minutes to get through. It has two components

  1. A youtube video demonstrating the ideas I’m talking about. You MUST watch this video before you continue on to the text lesson. The video is absolutely brilliant – turn up the volume and watch it for the next 7 minutes (it’s embedded below)
  2. My written analysis. I discuss the ideas featured in this video and suggest ways to do the same in your life.

Ready? Let’s get started!

Watch this demonstration video first

The magic of the video starts at the 5th minute … but to understand it, you need to watch the entire 7 minutes (if it takes 2-4 minutes to load, just let it … it’s worth the time)

If the link above doesn’t play, click here to watch it on youtube.

The truth about influence & hypnosis

Amazing video? Jaw-dropping idea? You bet!

What if I told you this was actually open eye hypnosis training.

Yep, hypnosis doesn’t mean a guy in a beard has to sit on stage with a pendulum and ask you to become monkey.

We all use hypnosis every single day to change people’s emotional state and introduce ideas we want. Stage hypnosis is only one way. But by using the right words, in the right tonality and the right body language … you can introduce great ideas without any training!

Here’re the 4 critical elements of this demonstration

  1. Trust
    The guy in specks obviously trusts Darren Brown (the hypnotist). And that’s why he’s nice enough to accept suggestions given by Brown. Don’t worry, the trust level required for influence is NOT very high. So, as long as they’re not screaming & shouting out of your grasp … you should be good enough to communicate.
  2. Trance
    Trance is a word that’s highly misunderstood. Most people think that it means your client has to go into a deep, meditative state where they see diamonds in the sky. Nope. Trance just means, the other person’s state has changed and they are listening to you.
  3. Anchoring
    Noticed the part in the beginning where Brown asked the participant how it felt when they got a great present? After finding out, he tapped the guy on the shoulder. Then, every time they talked about that feeling, he would tap them on the shoulder again and again. In the client’s mind, that touch become associated with the good feeling. And that’s anchoring.
  4. Embedded commands
    The most critical part of any communication in trance, are the words being spoken. By including certain words in ambiguity (like the way Brown included words like BM & Xbox, bike, two-tyred etc etc) … you can lead your client’s imagination to fill in the blanks and find what you want them to find.

How Can You Use This In Your Life?

No matter what you do, you have to influence someone or the other.

  • If you’re in sales, you need to influence prospects to buy.
  • If you’re in a job, you need to influence your boss to have a good impression of you.
  • If you’re a consultant clients need to agree with you.
  • In a relationship, you’d want your partner on the same page as you.
  • If you’re coaching someone else, you especially need to be able to influence people.

So, here’re 5 simple tips for you to achieve the same effect in your communication.

5 Step Formula For Covert Communication

  1. Define your outcome.
    You need to know what the end result for the other purpose is. And then say it out in a sentence. Examples could be
    “I want my client to desire a BMX bike” or
    “I want my girlfriend to temporarily forget her headache and think about sex instead” or
    “I want my boss to focus on my successes in this project.
  2. Figure out your speech
    You have to know what to say. In the video example, Darren Brown was very upfront in his talk about making people forget what they want and choose what he got them. In your case, you may want your conscious speech to be about how headaches are a way of our brain telling us that the stress level is high, and so one remedy is to distract ourselves with thoughts of other interesting distractions ;)
  3. Throw in your covert words.
    Darren Brown included words about bikes, tyres, BMX … again and again. You need to find phonetic ambiguities (say sex instead of six … or say blow instead of below) … grammatical ambiguities (“handle. bar none” becomes “handlebar. none ” … “feel the pleasure. with me, its that way” becomes “feel the pleasure with me. it’s that way”)
  4. Practice giving your talk
    Every speech needs to be practiced. While your words may not be set all the time … you need to be able to give this talk congruently and at a good, comfortable speech. Don’t worry, after you’ve done this 5-7 times … you won’t need much practice.
  5. Deliver it!
    Go out, be confident, cocky or humble. Whatever your style is … just be true to yourself and come across as congruent. Make sure your body language, tonality and words all match the message you’re about to give. And just go give it … if it works, you’ll know. If it doesn’t, move on to the next test.

So that, ladies and gentlemen … was my learning from Darren Brown’s video on covert influence. Go ahead, test this out on the people around you … and make excellent communication part of your personality.

Oh yeah, and post comments about what you thought of this video on this thread, ok? :)

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  1. Brilliant article and now that I’m more aware of embedded commands I’m scared what kind of embedded commands you’ve used on me in the past…

  2. Very good break down!

    However you missed the handshake induction Darren started with…

    First thing he did was thank the guy for coming over and then as reaches over to shake his hand Darren immediately pulls the induction by not completing the handshake and instead holds onto it….


  3. I would call this a brilliant “hypnotic installation,” rather than “amnesia.”

    He drops the dude into trance (via the handshake), and then installs
    (via suggestions and commands) what he wants the guy to do (precisely).

    Brilliant clip.

  4. darren actually touches the guys sholder every time he says an embeded command and that is very important which you didnt point out. because it links that good feeling (anchor) to the embeded commands…

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