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Of Police Stations, Lost Air tickets, missing hand phones and Richa’s departure

Jun 10th, 2006 | By | Category: Happiness, Personal Stories

My sis Richa was here last week … and I had a ball taking a forced vacation to hang out with her. But alas, she had to finally go home. So, friday morning, I dropped her off to the airport as she took her flight home.


Her visit was not without some surprises

The day before her flight, she lost her air ticket. Yes, the actual paper ticket. So, I had to fork out some money to the greedy Indian Airlines staff as my dad completed some formalities at the Bangalore office.

But the exciting part for me … was that I got to see a Singapore Police Station!

First, I called 100 and bugged the person on the phone with my long sob story. He finally got sick and asked me “So, what do you want me to do with your complicated situation??”. Hahaa

Then, I did some searches on Singapore Street Directory to find the police stations near my house. Fairly confident that I’d find them, I took a bus down and started walking around Bukit Batok MRT.

And we walked. And we walked. Richa was pretty pissed at me for making her walk so much. After about 45 minutes of walking (I’m a brutal brother, ain’t I?), we finally took a cab and asked uncle to take us to the nearest Police station.

And so I saw the first police post. It was pretty cool. I mean, back in India .. police stations are rusty, hot and require plenty of money for greasing hands. The policeman here was really nice … the place was aircon … and the whole process took less than 5 minutes!

Very exciting, anyway … I’m am impressed by Singapore police stations.

So, Richa and I had one more day to spend loitering around. And we did just that! I have never spent so much time on Orchard before (Lucky Plaza is surprisingly cool to shop at). And we saw the first day, first show digital screening of Cars! That was a pretty damn cool movie (maybe another posting about that).

And then as we returned from Orchard from bus and came home … we realized that Richa’s phone was gone. When we called, it kept ringing. We looked everywhere in my room and the house and it was nowhere to be found. I called up SBS, SMRT, TIBS, Yishun Interchange and checked, still no phone found.

So, I gave up. Told her it was gone and she should begin to fall in love with another phone. After much egging she agreed and let that phone go with a heavy heart.

Friday morning, I took her to the airport. On my way back, as I was reading the newspaper, I got another pleasant surprise – and ran into some very familiar and beautiful ladies.

Have a good trip, Ms X ;)

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