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I Just Pulled An All-Nighter!

Sep 4th, 2006 | By | Category: Entrepreneurship, Personal Stories

Phew … it’s 5:57 AM, and I’m just getting ready to leave the office. I haven’t done an all-nighter doing actual work since I graduated a year ago! As the picture below shows, I’m pretty dazed & tired …

Rachit - Dazed & Confused

But let me tell you what I was doing all night (No, not that you pervert). For the last two months, I had been working on the next version of my website … and it’s finally ready! It is much bigger, has more content, more white papers, bigger sales letters, more services and is just a lot “more”!

Is it better or worse? That’s for my customers to decide … but I thought I’ll test this out and make it a really comprehensive website. And I plan to release some brand new white papers over the next two weeks … so if you’re into Internet Marketing, you’re going to want to get on both my lists and wait for the surprises!

brand new

Everyone, please go check it out at –

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