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Rachit Interviews George Bush (Pictures Inside!)

Nov 17th, 2006 | By | Category: News & Updates, Personal Stories

Update – The links at the bottom of the interview have been updated with some awesome, new postings from fellow bloggers!

So I had a chance yesterday to get a little one-on-one time with Mr Busssshhhh … here’s how it went

The Interview With God … err … Bush

George Bush on the NUS podium

Me: Good evening Mr Bush! It’s a pleasure to chat with you tonight, sir …

Georgie: You’re welcome son. I love talking to … enthooo … enthoooseeee … enthoooseeeeasss tick young men who look like Al Qaida … Heeee haw!

Me: Sir, I’m actually Indian, not Arab …

Georgie: Really? I cut a deal with the Indians recently, gave them a hell lot of new casinos in Arizona … I love your people!

Me: Ummm, actually the “Indians” you’re talking about are the “Native Indians” of America. I’m from the country in Asia called India. You know … the one Christopher Columbus was looking for, when he found America?

Georgie: Who Chris? Hell, where is that guy these days? I almost never see him around! For the record, you can print that I support his war of discovery of the world … hee haw! (turning to the waiter) Could I get 6 more cubes of sugar in my coffee please? You asians drink too little sugar because of your size …

Me: (Bringing his attention back to me by dangling a picture of Saddam Hussain) Sir, Mr Saddam was recently sentenced to death by hanging. Do you have any comments on that?

Georgie: Saddam who? I don’t really pay much attention to the details … I let Cheney run the country. I focus my attention on making speeches about the … (brings up his hands for accetuation) … “Global War On Terror that’s owned by America”

George Bush on the NUS podium

Me: Sir, do you have any message for Singaporeans reading this on my blog?

Georgie: I like. It is nice! Damn, have you seen that new Borat movie? It is hilarious … I’ve been to Kazhakistan, the president speaks just like that. Oh wait, didn’t he con my red neck, middle america, voting base into revealing their ignorance of the world? Hmmmm … I might have to consider banning the movie …

Me: Sir … Singapore? Any message?

Georgie: Oh yeah. Singapore’s nice. We’re glad it supports the war on terror against North Korea. I’d like to take this chance to say to North Korea – we will not back down. We will do everything we can, to ensure our American way of life (in Korea). Kim Jong Hoo Haa must follow the protocols of Noooocliiar diss armamamament!

Me: Sir, could you say “Nuclear Disarmament” again?

Georgie: Nuuuuuuuuu cluuu ear Disss armmmm ment! (giggling)

Me: Once more, sir … please, for me?

Georgie: Hahaha …. Nuuuuuuuu …. hahaha … Nuuuuuuuuuuu cluar ….. hahahaha …. (now holding his stomach and laughing)

Me: Hahahaha …. once more!

Georgie: haaaaaaaaaa …. I love these funny words ….. nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu … it was such a pain when I had to teach them to my kids in 6th grade …… hahahahaha …… nuuuuuuuuuuuu cluar …… hahahaaaaa

(Secret Agents rush in. One of them looks suspiciously like Dick Cheney. His hunter hat & rifle was a dead giveaway. They accuse me of feeding the president with “Truth Serum”. It was actually just laughing gas. Anyway, someone hits me over the head and I’m out. Last thing I heard was George Bush rolling on the floor laughing and inviting me to “Native India”).

George Bush on the NUS podium

OK yeah, I made that up … but it would’ve been fun no?

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- Wannapreneur’s comments on the speech. Dude, it’s ok … let the sarcasm flow out!

- White House releases the Entire Transcript of his speech at NUS. Notice how generic the speech is. Paragraph 1 – Thank the leaders of Singapore. Paragraph 2 – Bring up some obscure history fact between Singapore & U.S. Paragraphs 3 to 182 – Bitch about North Korea and how bummed he is at the loss of the recent elections.

- ABC News’ coverage of the trip. Nice long article

-’s coverage of the speech. Tiny article, barely mentions Singapore.

NUS website. Notice how George Bush isn’t important enough to be mentioned anywhere on the website – not even press releases. Hahahaaa.

- Mr Brown’s Podcast. Air Force One comes to town and exam timetables move – Godlike!

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