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Random Rantings Post #1

May 11th, 2006 | By | Category: News & Updates, Personal Stories, Website Branding

Note To Reader – This was the absolute first post on my original blog ( sometime in 2006. For nostalgia, I pulled it up from my old blog when I was banishing the blog … hope you read it and chuckle – My writing skills have come a long way :)


Why are you here?

Seriously, who sent you?

OK … Over the past few weeks I’ve been considering a way to let off steam from my hyperactive brain … and a few minutes ago, I decided … I’m gonna blog!

I just hope no-one else is reading it. I’m kinda scared that people will think I’m kinda neurotic (well, it’s true … all brilliant people are :)

So, I’ll be posting whatever pops up in my head right here … and like so many others, I hope its kinda therapeutic to me to get some of my thoughts out …

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