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Help This Young Lady By Looking At Her Hot Red Bikini Here …

Mar 28th, 2007 | By | Category: News & Updates, Personal Stories, Romance

Ha! That got your attention didn’t it?

No worries, I do have a real life picture & story to satisfy your horniousity (get it? horny + curiousity?).

But first, the back story behind it.

About a year ago, was conducting a bikini contest and getting people to vote online. As a full-bodied-young-man, I thought it my duty to not just vote online, but pick my favourite candidates and declare my preferences on this blog.

That post can be found here

Anyway, it was a popular post at that time and the bikini babes were definitely an eye candy to look at … But I don’t consider myself an expert in beauty contests or anything.

Am I A Bikini Contest Expert On The Blogosphere?

So imagine my surprise when I get a comment on that post yesterday by a sweet young thing named Pebbles, asking me if I knew when the next Miss Bikini Reef contest was! Here’s her comment …

hi, this is pebbles here. any idea how to apply for Miss Reef Bikini Contest 2007?

Ha, being cheeky as I am … I decided to push the envelope and told her this …

Hey Pebbles,

If you send over some pictures of yourself for this blog’s readers … I’m sure we will go the extra mile and make sure you’re entered into the contest :D (and vote for you too ;) )… what do you say?

(Gang, nod your head and assure pebbles that she will be rooted for!)

Shockingly, she agreed! Here’s her reply …

well… i dun mind… but… how do i attached my pictures?

I told her how to email her pic over … and then anxiously paced around office waiting for it … and finally it arrived! Aaah, the benefits of being a world famous blogger …

We got talking a little bit over email and I sense that she’s trying to break into showbiz … and I’ll do my little bit by writing up about her :D

So, drumroll everyone … for the benefit of don’t mind ( readers … here’re some pretty pictures of an aspiring young thing … please cheer her on with your comments, ok?

Nice Hot Bikini Picture Here!

Mmmmmmmmmm (smack your lips and have some naughty thoughts!)

And Here’s A More Elegant Photo

Pebbles has a nice photographer, I quite like the “wedding like” feel in this photo …

And A Personal Request From Pebbles – The Girl Behind Red Swimming Suit & The Elegant White Gown …

from: pebbles

subject: it’s me~~~

can anyone tell me how to apply for miss bikini reef 2007 ? i would sure love to gib it a try …

Thanks for reading and ogling everyone … your comments are welcome (but moderated – so no flaming ok?)

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  1. How you so sure it is really her? :P

  2. Woah! This is a great post Rachit! Superb picture for me to start my day… Now you didnt say if she is attached le. :P

  3. Hehe … If she’s faking, she’s done a great job! We’ve been chatting over email, so I’m pretty sure it’s her :D

    Ethan, good question … I don’t know if she’s single leh … Pebbles, feel free to comment and answer to your own admirers :D

  4. dude

    i’ve never been to before. saw something on bjorn’s blog about nexus and went to that is gone and this post has the most no of diggs :D let me do my bit for this post and for pebbles :P

    i’m gonna digg that post. pebble, you’re gonna be famous very soon. cheers.

  5. Interesting conversation. Pebbles will definitely gain some support from the blogger community…. :)

  6. Tks a millon guys! so glad to hear all those positive comments from you. Those pictures ain’t fake alright…(I can guarantee that). Whether I’m attached or not… Well… To guys out there, I’m still a single… Cheers ;)

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