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Reflections On Coaching …

Aug 31st, 2006 | By | Category: Entrepreneurship, Happiness, NLP

This weekend was awesome … I was coaching AKLTG’s PoE program for the 2nd time … and the 2nd time is really so much easier than the first time. If any of you are considering it, please make sure you commit to come back … because that’s where the real fun is.

I had a bunch of interesting participants none of whom had any serious problems (well, one of them did … so I told him to go home and not come back on the 2nd day). Anyway, nothing united the rest of the team … like the departure of the villain.

PoE graduates will know that the real fun happens only in the 2nd half of the course … so I’m really really looking forward to going back and finishing the loops I started with my participants. And I hope that all my friends can come back to coach too … I think we all come out a lot richer at the end of it.

What I realized on Tuesday …
On Tuesday evening, during the bonus session of the program … I was walking around and helping anyone who needed me … when I realized something … It had been exactly one year since I was sitting on the floor and learning this stuff.

One whole year … it’s a really wierd feeling.

When I take a look at the calender … it really seems much shorter. Could 12 months have passed so fast?

But when I take a stock of my own development … It seems more like 12 years. After leaving the program … I went back to school, completed my HYP (and got an A!), struck my first big deal/client, started my own business, started studying a whole lot of marketing products, participating in entrepreneurial circuits, started studying all kinds of dating material, came back to coach my first PoE, got obsessed with marketing and dating, got so sick with my desire for “self-improvement” that I realized I wasn’t giving myself the respect and peace I needed, revamped my values overnight, gave up all kinds of self-improvement and decided to have faith in my future, came back to coach another PoE, and here I am.

I don’t think many people undergo so much transformation in such a short period … and in a sense, I’m glad that I got addicted to certain things … because now that I’ve given them up, I feel so much more energetic and at peace.

Whoa! Too heavy … let’s get back to the light hearted stuff.

Fun Stuff in this PoE
As in every PoE, we had a new source of entertainment this time (Read this sunday’s Straits Times to learn more about her story) … but she was constantly blur and her remarks always made me roll on the floor laughing!

The whole group was so much more mature this time around … we minimized our discussions and knew how to help all our participants … and thanks to Pete, Stuart & Adam for giving us the autonomy we needed to do that.

Other Bitchings about my Life
The Toastmasters responsibilities are really getting to me … I’ve really lost all interest in it. Just looking for the easiest way to fulfill my old promises & responsibilities without getting too involved. That damn, sweet Ramesh will make me feel super guilty if I let him down :@

I still have the feeling in my stomach … that I started feeling last week with the flower. In the past occassions, I felt this feeling … some pretty huge changes in my life followed. So, I don’t yet know what changes are in store for me … just a tad anxious about that.

Also, met some people over the past few weeks who’ve been “trying” to pull me back into a self-improvement addiction I recently got out of. As tempting it is to go hang out with them … I think I would be much happier spending that time working, exercising or meditating – I’m really really scared of getting back into my addictions of the past.

Wtf do you think this is, a self-help book? I ain’t writing a frigging essay … get lost!

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