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Shhhh … George Bush Is In Singapore Tonight!

Nov 15th, 2006 | By | Category: News & Updates, Personal Stories

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OK … Blogosphere alert!! C’mon bloggers, I need all of you to pick this post up and talk about this now!

I have just heard from my sources, that George Bush is secretly dropping by Singapore today (16th November)! What’s more, it’s been kept very hush-hush, and all the publicity will only happen after he’s come and gone. I had heard that he will be in Vietnam (that’s Google News material), but had no idea he’d be in Singapore … let alone NUS!

Here’s NUS’s internal email about it … notice how hush hush it is!

An important event will be held at University Cultural Centre on
Thursday, 16 November 2006. In view of this event, the Singapore Police
Force will carry out the following:

1. Traffic
a. Kent Ridge Crescent, from Car Park 5 to the traffic junction at> Kent Ridge Crescent/Clementi Road at Entrance A, will be closed to traffic from 2. 30 pm to 7.30 pm (see enclosed map:
Motorists will be allowed to access and park in Car Park 4 (Raffles> Hall)
and 5 (Sports and Recreation Centre).

b. Only approved vehicles will be allowed to proceed beyond Car Park 5 from 2.30 pm towards Car Park 3 (YSTCM, OED)


Of course, in typical Singapore style – you can’t go see him. He will be coming to UCC (NUS’s University Cultural Centre) around 3PM. NUS has even carefully selected the people who are going to be in the audience when he speaks!

Anyway, this post isn’t about Bush. It’s about the people NUS has selected to go see him (I also think that there would’ve been a hand of U.S. & Singapore security). I’m sure they had security checks and made sure that only perfectly “safe” guests.

So here they are …

Rachit’s Predictions For Mr Bush’s Singapore Trip!

  1. I have a faint inkling that protesters won’t be welcome at this meeting. I mean Singapore didn’t even allow protesters for some lame delegates for the world bank meeting … Mr George Bush would attract protesters who are a lot more passionate!
  2. None of the audience members will be bringing up the recent election loss the Republicans had. Mr Bush probably doesn’t want to discuss the recent ass-kicking of his policies & party in front of his “foreign friends” and Singapore will be happy to arrange the reprieve.
  3. The media will be happy to praise the “fruitful” trip of Mr Bush. Of course, pretty much nothing fruitful is going to come out of the meeting. The only reason he’s dropping by is because he had some politically awesome trips to make and Singapore’s a tiny country that’s always a “on the way” location for Mr Big Shot.
  4. Mr Bush will be thanking Singapore for its “support” on the global war on terror. Singaporeans and other global citizens will be bitching about Mr Bush’s cowboy politics that has made security worse for the rest of the world.
  5. He will use the words “terror”, “allies”, “victory” & “iraq” atleast once a minute!Oh man, I wish there is someone keeping count of his favourite useless keywords … maybe like a “Ah Counter” in Toastmasters meetings

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  1. aha!

    your user reg stuff has been fixed!

    i shall be the first to comment!

    as they say a bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush!

    en garde!

  2. Holy sh*t! Pardon my french, but this is huge news ain’t it? I just came back to Singapore and haven’t been keeping up with the news here. But when I was in Dallas, we spotted a few demonstrations against Bush in view of the elections. They were holding up signs that read “Worst President Ever!” It was hilarious!

  3. Hell yeah Veron! There was one protestor today with an umbrella that said “George Bush is a war criminal!”.

    You should’ve seen NUS today, there were about 10 guards for every student.

    Three helicopters were hovering above UCC at any given time.

    Bush’s motorcade had about 50 cars – most black SUVs – a few limos with american flags.

    Sure looked like a big deal. Haha, but no news agency really covered it, or hyped it up. Bush can make surprise visits to a war zone in Iraq … but is scared of a terrorist attack in our little secure island … ridiculous.

    Oh by the way, I found his whole speech … its damn funny, there’s almost no mention of Singapore :P

  4. LOL that lone protestor’s awesome! I’m surprised they even allowed him on the compound. With all the copters and black limos this thing sure seemed like a huge deal. But he probably just wanted to make an entrance!

    Where might one find a transcript of that speech, I wonder?

  5. Veron : The full transcript of President Bush’s speech this evening at NUS can be found here :


  6. There was such a huge cordon that Bush probably couldn’t even see that lone protestor … and for the entire transcript, wait for my next post (up in 60 minutes!)

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